Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas

Mike and I went to see a musical called "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" by Tokyo Internation Players. Our friend, E, was in it!! ^___^ It was amazing, funny and entertaining. As implied in the name, the musical is about a whorehouse in a quiet town in Texas. They were able to find quite a number of foreigner girls in Tokyo here who are willing to dress sexy to perform, which I found quite amazing.

The story is about how a reporer (bad guy) who exposed to the media that there was a whorehouse in Texas (shocking shocking!!!) which had in fact existed for almost a century. Though a whorehouse was illegal at the time, the owner of the whorehouse, a very strong lady who used to be a whore working there and now inherited the whorehouse, was actually a very sensible, loyal and responsible "mother-figure" who always looks after and protects her girls. So there are these very interesting conflicts between the socially-acceptable moral standards at the surface level versus individual moral standards that are more "human" and actually matter. The musical has a sad ending that the whorehouse was eventually forced to close, and the whore girls just each went their own way. You can read more about the story from the wikipedia entry.

I think the musical was really successful - if you actually feel sad seeing a WHOREHOUSE being cracked down, oh boy! Wasn't the musical good or what?!?! Honestly, it was a very touching scene towards the end of the show hearing all the whore girls sang "May be I'll be fine.. May be I'll be fine..." departing the whorehouse...

Hehe.. and forgot to mention - E, you are AWESOME in the show!! ^____^ And boy, I like your cowboy dance A LOT !!!! haha...

I took lots of pictures of the musical (of coz, un-flashed) and some really "juicy" movies of Echan, heh... =)

WARNING: Well... you know it's about a whorehouse, if you don't feel comfortable looking at sexy lace underwears or "adult postures", just skip below. =p


E's singing.

E's cowboy dancing. =)

Ever wonder how Aggies (Agriculture students at University of Texas) take showers?

Sexy E in his... =)

Ending appreciation with the Aggies and the whores. (E, I see why you said you need to save energy to carry the gal then...) =p


Stage before the musical started

Dancing scene with all the whores (only 2 of the gals are Asian, rest are all foreigners)

The arrival of a new whore "Angel". If you have read the book or saw the broadway production, you'll konw what I am talking about.

Hmm... I wonder what they are doing? =p

The zealous reporter (guy dressed in all white) who caused the whorehouse to be cracked down (bad guy in the story).

Hardcore Christians protesting the existence of the little whorehouse in the quiet town Texas.

Football players taking off clothes and pants preparing to take showers and then go to the whorehouse to "have fun"!! (E is in the middle, waving his shirt!!!)

I also took a movie when E was in this sexy shower scene, haha

Governor of the town (guy upstairs in the middle) was questioned by reporters about the illegal whorehouse. This scene made fun of George W. Bush who was also once the governor of Texas.

Everyone laughed so hard during this scene (of coz with the background sound effect!!).
Can't see? Too dark? Well... use ur imagination... =p

E's singing scene. (2nd one from the left).

Brokeback mountain-look!! =p
(E is 2nd from the right)


Anonymous said...

gee carol, you only mentioned your friend 'e' but i was there too! i played Mona. did you not recognise me? (that would be a compliment) see you in the park with our dogs agian one day soon!

see ya!


Carol said...


Of course I recognized you, Miss Mona!! You were AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!! In the last scene where you dragged your suitcase and sang the last song: "I've a one way ticket to nowhere..." It made me want to cry. It was really TOUCHING!! Your are an AWESOME actress!!! ^______^

Hils'on said...

I think you start working lor...
Since you have no update for a week. It good to see you no more "sit rock the mountain collapse