Saturday, May 06, 2006

Hong Kong Trip 4/30 - 5/4 (pictures)

Took near our hotel (Park Lane) in Causeway Bay. Lots of shopping malls there.

Taken on the street of our hotel (Park Lane at Causeway Bay)

Normal holiday afternoon at Causeway Bay, i.e. busy.

Our hotel room at Park Lane hotel, definitely nicer than our Tokyo temporary apartment (and any other Tokyo hotel rooms) =P Notice how you can see through into the bathroom... (hmm... wonder why you'll want that...) =p

king sized bed at hotel room... hehe.. so big that it feels like you can make these into two separate beds.

Day view from hotel room window - you can actually see the Victoria Harbor, how cool is that?!?!

Night view from the hotel room window. Wonder if we can watch the Victoria Harbor daily electonic light show from here?!

Our favorite MTR!! Honestly, having seen and ride on so many different train systems in the world, I TRULY believe that MTR is DA BEST !!!!! ^____^

Me being silly in a MTR station, waiting for a train. Geez... Mike, why did you make me take this picture??? Making me look like a silly tourist now!!!

On our way to Mong Kok on MTR. Not as crowded as normal since it's a non-rush hour on a work day in HK. Kinda funny comparison as how the Tokyo train is always busy, regardless of what hours. Wonder why...

Peoples Bookstore is a neat bookstore we found in Causeway Bay across from Times Square. It's a 2nd floor bookstore/cafe (a bit hard to find if you don't look carefully), decorated very neatly and ... just cool~

It's funny how I found the bookstore - actually, I needed to fax my signed offer letter to Tokyo that day. And guess what, there is no places (except may be in hotels or post offices) that will do international fax. I was desperate and thought might as well tried these random bookstore on the 2nd floor of some building (I saw their neon sign outside on the street). It turns out that the owners are a bunch of young people and they were very cool helping me do digital fax using the software program (that they have not used before). I'll defintely go back to visit them next time when I go back to HK.

"Lan Lui (pretty gal in Cantonese)" Mike said. And of coz, someone turned her head and responded...

Mike back to hotel, after a cool new haircut in Hong Kong at Causeway Bay =P

Fornia, where Mike got his cool haircut. The place is neat, except a bit too smoky. The people there seem to be pretty skillful at fixing people's hair (both guys and gals). I am thinking to go back there next time to have a haircut.

Mike in his "corktail suit"!! j/k =P This is definitely one of his nicer future "work clothes" though, hehe... No more T-shirts, no more causal pants/jeans, and no more walking shoes... He kinda bought a whole new wardrope in Hong Kong this time~ hehe...

Night shot at Mong Kok, shops are still open (till midnight I think, esp for holidays or weekends)

Mike and I in front of Times Square in Causeway Bay. People got a bit annoyed since we were blocking the crossing to take this pic =P


jpg said...

haha! Wish Mike wore that to work in SF!

Carol said...

haha... u dun want that, becoz if he did so, u guys won't have as much fun eating burgers or chilli for lunch =p

I suspect from now on, he'll just eat onigiri (rice ball) for lunch with his new nice shirts~ ha

andrei said...

me likes new haircut!

carol said...

Mike refuses to let the crazy Japanese cut his hair here in Japan!! (shuu... dun let him know that I tell you)

mike said...

Thanks =)