Saturday, May 06, 2006

RSS Feed

Andrei just pointed out to me that there is no RSS Feed support to my blog. After a bit of info digging, there is actually no built-in RSS 2.0 support in blogspot (doh!!)

The story goes like this: Blogspot default feeds through something called ATOM, which many RSS readers do not support. After a bit of googling, I decided to try this free service called FeedBurner. Guys, let me know if it works well.

To use the RSS Feed, just simply click the icon below which will redirect you to the FeedBurner feed for my blog.
(This icon is also on the right side bar of this page.)

If you'd prefer using the ATOM feed, you can go here:

Now you know how to subscribe to my blog!!! hehe... =p


andrei said...

i'm actually fine with an atom feed. i'm using newsgator web-based aggregator which supports both rss and atom.

btw, carol, your blog is blocked here in china (works through newsgator). lay off posting on human rights and democracy, will ya? ;)

carol said...

u r kidding me...
damn da chinese gov't!!!

Does it mean you can't Google properly now? poor andrei...

Try google for "tiananmen square" and see ONLY the happy tourists' faces..