Friday, May 05, 2006

Moving Part 3: Transportation from Narita airport to central Tokyo

The final thing before leaving the airport is to figure out how to get back to central Tokyo, what transportation to take. You have several options. Last time when I came to Tokyo, I took an express train called Narita Express (NEX). The advantage of this one is that it will take you to many major cities in Tokyo, such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, etc. The disadvantage though, is that it is relatively more expensive (about 3000 yen, i.e. $28 USD). So this time I am taking an alternative train, also an express train, called Keisei Skyliner. It is equally fast and cheaper (about 1920 yen, i.e. $17 USD). It only takes you to Ueno (上野) station, and from which you'll need to take subway or JR to your destination, if it's not Ueno. Since I am pretty familiar with the Tokyo train system (though still get lost from time to time =P) , I think the Keisei Skyliner is a better option due to its price. For example, my destination is Roppongi (六本木) this time, and I just need to transfer to the subway station at Ueno (4 min walk) and take the Hibiya line all the way to the Roppongi station (about 16 min) which costs only an extra of 190 yen (~$1.5 uSD). Though for people who are not too familiar with the Tokyo train system, you might be better off taking the Narita Express or other airport express bus transportation. Just remember -- Do your homework before arrival !!! ^___________^

Below are some tips for people who want to take Keisei Skyliner:

This is where you get the tickets for Keisei Skyliner train.

This is the Keisei Skyliner train platform. They have very clear timetable and train number indicated in the digital broad. I also saw some people eating some little snacks while waiting for the train, so I think you can do it, but just remember to keep the place clean. Don't be the gaijin (foreigners) who make the place dirty!!!

This is the inside of the Keisei Skyliner train. Pretty clean and comfortable. The seats are also reclinable, great for sleeping after a long, tiring flight (though, dun oversleep and miss your destination station) =p

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