Friday, May 05, 2006

Moving Part 4: Apartment at Roppongi (outside)

We did a smart thing before the move - getting a temporary apartment beforehand so we don't have to get shafted by expensive (and yet small) Tokyo hotels or frantically search for an apartment immediately after we land.

Getting an apartment online is not easy, but luckily I got a very detail-oriented bf ;) and with my Japanese ability (reading Japanese site and calling them in Tokyo), we got a pretty decent temporary apartment at Roppongi.

The apartment is off on a side street near the Roppongi subway station. Convenient and yet quiet ^_________^

The apartment building is the building on the right. The top building to the left is the Roppongi Mori Building, the tallest building in Roppongi, and also where I will be working at (Goldman Sachs office) ^_^

Roppongi subway station. Since Roppongi does not have a JR station, so the subway station serves as the main transportation for people coming to Roppongi from other places. It has very heavy human traffic during the rush hours at the various station exits. (So glad that our apartment is so close to the exits and yet quiet)

Lots of restaurants and convenient stores near the Roppongi station.

Side street leading to the apartment. Pretty typical Tokyo residential side street view, I think...

A little Japanese bar sitting at the corner of a side street near our apartment. I like the menu on the wall outside.

View from our 2nd floor apartment door.

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