Friday, May 12, 2006

I found a gym!!!

After extensive research, I finally found myself a gym!!!

Didn't get to run the first two weeks after arriving Tokyo, and then got to run a bit during the short stay in Hong Kong, and finally FINALLY, I can run again!!!! hehe....

There is a company gym at the new company that I am going to work at; however, I can't use that until I actually start working. That would mean that I need to wait for another month or so -_- which is pretty sucky. So I decided to join a gym for now temporarily. That way at least I can start running immediately ^_^ (And I DID today immediately after I joinned. hehe... ran for an hour and it felt GREAT!!)

Tips for anyone who wants to look for a gym in Tokyo -
1. Gyms are expensive in Tokyo (end of sentence)!! You pretty much can't get away with paying A LOT of $$ in order to exercise. If you spend a bit of time researching or know someone who can give you advice, you might be able to find some relatively cheaper ones. Such as the one that I am joining now - It's like the Japanese version of 24 Hour Fitness in the United States. Big chain, cheaper than other smaller ones, lots of different locations to choose from.

2. Most of the gyms here have a very expensive membership fee (one-time fee) that they want you to pay when you join the gym. On top of that, they also want you to pay for at least 2 (sometimes 3) months of montly fee. Oh yes, the gym fee usually is calculated on a monthly basis. Sometimes they have a cheaper annual membership plan.

3. Find a gym that is convenient to you, either close to work or home. If you live in Tokyo, you probably spend enough time working or commuting. You don't want another commute to work out!! (Trust me, that would drastically reduce your desire to exercise!!)

4. ALWAYS ask to take a look of the facilities before actually joining the gym. Most of times, the gyms might have very awesome-looking pictures on their website showing off their gym facilities; however, they ARE misleading sometimes, i.e., the actual things are pretty far off from what you see in the website pictures. So ALWAYS do a "walk-in" and check the place before signing up for any plan or paying for anything.

5. Most gyms only have Japanese-speaking staff, but in places that have a higher foreigner population, such as Roppongi and Ebisu, you might be able to get english-speaking staff to help you.

~~~~HAPPY GYMMING!!!! ~~~~

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