Saturday, May 06, 2006

job decision made FINALLY

One of the main goals to move to Tokyo earlier before deciding a job is to actually meet with the different companies and teams, so I can have a better, clearer feeling about what I want to do, which company I want to work for, and which team I want to work with.

As a result, I have been meeting with people non-stop since I arrived Tokyo. I am not kidding you - two whole weeks!!! Engineers, managers, from different teams, and even directors... really crazy!! Coming from a commercial software background in the United States, all these long, complex, multi-rounds interviews the finance software industry are definitely a new, eye-opening experience for me. The strange thing is that - I enjoyed them a lot - well, except the part where I have to remember which company and which team I am meeting with each day, I did enjoy it a lot. =P

The thing is you can learn a lot about each company by meeting with different people working at the company. From office receptionist to engineers, managers to regional directors, you can learn a different aspect of the company from each of them. The question that I like to ask them the most is "What do you enjoy the most working at this company?" Answers vary: people, the company spirit, intensity, and numerous opportunities, etc. The one answer that striked me the most is "integrity" - integrity of the company to its external investors, integrity of its internal workers, and integrity of the company vision as a whole. I really learned a lot from all the people I have talked to.

And also, I have to admit that having 5 offers at the same time really does make a person feel good =p hehe... especially for someone who has wittnessed massive lay offs~

Back to topic - as much as I enjoyed meeting people from different firms, it does feel great to finally make a decision about where I'd want to work at finally (which I did 3 days ago!! yay!!) I don't know if I have made a great decision (I hope I did) But obviously I won't find out until I actually start working. So we'll see...

But afterall, life is a learning experience anyways, so many decisions to make, so many different paths you can take, so much challenge, and so much fun !!! (Alex, this last sentence is for you !!! You heard me?) =)

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Alex said...

Ha... I didn't catch this until now. Well, I realize that. Don't think that I don't 'know'. But knowing and feeling are two different things. :P