Saturday, May 06, 2006

Odakyu food mall at Shinjuku station

One thing everyone who travels to Tokyo should be aware of is the incredible amount of good food you can enjoy here!! From the Ramen stall on the street to a famous sushi restaurant, there is a wide range in between. If you know your price range and are willing to do some homework to dig around and explore, I gaurantee that you'll find something satisfied in the end.

The food mall near some big stations in Tokyo is a good example. Those food malls are very easy to find, convenient to get to (sometimes you can just walk into one without walking out of the station). They offer a big variety of food, savory to sweets, dry to soupy stuff, huge selection. We went to the Odakyu food mall at Shinjuku station last Saturday and had a very successful hunt (for yummy food, of coz!!). Oh ohoh, they are also good if you want to buy some souvenior type snacks as well, since they are all (overly) nicely wrapped (yea, u know, the Japanese culture of beauty standard!)

There is usually a food mall connected to the bigger train stations in Tokyo. For example, for the Odakyu food mall in Shinjuku station, you pretty much just walk down the stairs from the station (ground floor) and then you'll get to the food mall (underground floor).

And the food mall usually gets really crowded during weekends or before dinner hours.

Ain't the green tea red bean cake yummy? Well, dun get tricked, they are plastic food model only. The real thing is on the upper shelf.

Different kinds of onigiri (Japanese rice balls). If you'd prefer healthier, more filling, yummy snacks, these are for you!!

Tamago (Japanese scrambled eggs). They are very different from the Chinese or American scrambled egg - a bit sweet, soft, not oily and... VERY VERY TASTY!!! They are usually made into sushi (tamago nigiri); however, as you can see, they also come in the form of a giant box !!!

Strawberry jello (with real strawberry) and milk/mango pudding... and dun forget about the cakes on the upper shelf...

sushi sushi sushi!!! ^_^

And this is how the sushi is made~ One thing that is fun about these food mall is that they sometimes have people show you how to make some of the food that they sell. I have seen sushi, dumplings, tamago (egg), various pastries and onigiri (rice ball).

Sweets, cakes, chocolate!!! Oh no, someone, please pull me aside, I can't control myself anymore !!!!!!


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