Saturday, May 06, 2006

Hong Kong Trip 4/30 - 5/4

Mike needs to complete his Japanese visa at a Japanese consulate office outside of Japan. Our choices are either Korea or Hong Kong -- Of Course, HONG KONG (undoubtedly) wins. Hong Kong will always be my favorite place regardless of where I am staying/living.

We kinda got everything sorted out at the last minute (flight tickets and hotel reserviation), since we didn't know when his Certificate of Eligibility (required to obtain work visa in Japan) would arrive until a few days before it actually arrived. Well... that means the prices for everything is of coz ... "ouch" (plus it's Japan Golden Week national holiday, so you can imagine), but anyways, it turned out that we had an incredibly nice trip, and we both got money from our new companies to cover for relocation cost, so it hurts less... (I guess...)

Back to the trip, we were in Hong Kong from 4/30 to 5/4. It was also my first time to take the Airport Express, which is really convenient and comfortable. I think I'll just do that instead of booking for a bus service ahead of time from now on (cheaper anyways).

Lots of good memory from this trip: shopping for Mike and myself (need new ""business causal" clothes for our new jobs), visiting Miss Chow (my piano teacher from childhood, who was like a second mom to me), visiting my cousin Stephen (my favorite cousin who is only 2 days older than me), his newly married wife, Winnie (congrulation, btw), and his family (15 Uncle, aunt and Carrie).

Most surprising thing though is that I accidentally bumped into a very special someone (well, u know who you are =p ) who I knew from Primary School time on the day of I arrived (indeed, while I was hunting for food in Causeway Bay near hotel). Hehe.. what a coincident!! When was the last time we saw each other?! wow... 7 years ago?!! Time really flies!! Happy to know that you are doing well (hmm... except the work thing, need to balance it a bit, well... at least try to, k?)

Back to the trip, Mike and I went to dim sum every morning (more correctly, he FORCED me to go dim sum every morning with him!!) Yea, I guess if you have me name one thing that you can't get easily, that will be dim sum (hmm.. and milk tea, juick drinks, cantonese desserts, good Mexican food, etc. Wow... the list can get quite long... -_-) Anyways, we got lots of yummy dim sum, yummy mango juice drinks at Mong Kok, Cantonese egg puffs and other delicious Cantonese desserts (my favorite is steamed milk with Ginger juice) and lots of Cantonese bakery. Mike said he feels like he has gained back a little bit of the weight that he lost in Tokyo. But I doubted it. We walked around so much everyday that I felt like my weight still keeps dropping. One of the pair of pants that I brought to Hong Kong (which fits when I was in Tokyo) became totally too loose to wear the 2nd day when I was in HK. I had to borrow some safety pins when I was in Miss Chow's house to "tighten" my pants. hehe...

And and and... I have to say it feels AWESOME to run again (at the hotel gym). After not running for 2 weeks in Tokyo, I really miss running... Hope I can find a gym soon in Tokyo before I can use the company one (probably need to wait till start working to use the company one...)

It's also very refreshing to see the "cool" HK gals after seeing way too many "barbie-type" Japanese gals in Tokyo. (Have to take some pictures to illustrate their barbie-look later). Seriously, I think Japanese gals in average are prettier, but it's just that they all look the same and try to achieve the same barbie-look that annoys me the most... oh well, none of my business anyways, I will just be... ME!! =)

This blog entry is getting a bit too long, I'll put the pictures in a different entry.

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