Friday, May 05, 2006

Moving Part 5: Apartment at Roppongi (inside)

After touring the outside of the apartment (previous post), let's take a look of the interior (hehe... don't I sound like a real estate agent?!) =P

The apartment is bigger than what we expected (well... we were totally prepared for seeing a typical Tokyo "shoe-sized" apartment), so it was actually a nice surprise for us to find out that the apartment is indeed of a reaonable size (Tokyo standard, of coz!!)

It's a studio, about 40 sq meters, includes a kitchen, bathroom, and comes furnished. It's a nice choice if you just want a place to stay at temporarily after you come to Tokyo. Then you can use these few weeks to really look for the permanent apartment to move to next. Rent is about 1900 yen per month (~$1800 USD). I know I know, it's expensive. But it's expensive anywhere in central Tokyo, so...

Below are some pictures showing the interior of the apt (mostly for my family) =P

Living room and kitchen, nice and bright, and there is a WASHING MACHINE too!! Jackpot!!! =) The left side is the entry way.

The other side of the studio (taking from the entry way). The far side with the curtain is actually a balcony.

As I said, there is a little balcony, though we don't use it often. Main reason is that we don't want people to peek into our apt and break in. (yea, may be worry too much here, afterall, it's Japan here...)

Sofa, desk and chair next to the bed

The studio has a both table and a desk (though they are both being occupied for the moment for holding miscellaneous crap =P) Really need to get two proper desks once we move into our permanent apartment.

Bathroom - small but handy and clean

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