Monday, May 15, 2006

Thai Festival

This weekend was Thai Festival at Yoyogi Park. Mike and I were going to go with a friend on Saturday; however, it was pouring down rain that day. So instead we had "fun" shopping at IKEA with thousands of other Japanese (did I mention that it WAS crowded there?!) Anyways, the rain actually stopped on Sunday, so we gave the Thai Fes another try and it was actually loads of fun!!

Thai Festival banner (entrance to the festival)

Food vendors everywhere!! Lots of yummy thai noodles, curry, dishes or snacks for cheap price.

You can see people everywhere in the park. On the ground, seats, grass or even the bridge!!

With so many people around, you want to get lost. And this is how I did it - grasping Mike's arm like a little kid!

"Hey Mike, how's the Thai mango?"

"Let me see... Hmm... yum yum..." Mike said, with a smiled.

"Hey, save some for me!! You greedy thief!!" Carol yelled.

Finally it's my turn!! =p The pipeapple is soooo juicy and SWEET!! I missed fruits!!! (Why do they have to be so expensive here?!?!?!)

This is where I got my pipeapple. 100 yen per piece (about $0.8 USD or $6 HKD)

Mike and Carol at Yoyogi Park.

Lots of Thai-style decoration everywhere.

Besides the Thai Fes-specific scenes, we also saw some of the usual Yoyogi Park scenes. Yoyogi Park is our favorite park in Tokyo so far. We went there almost every weekend. (Well... a big reason is also because Mike's favorite curry place "Little Spoon" is also near there! =p Right, Mike?)

A young, hip dad was teaching his little kid how to ride a scooter... how sweet!!

Can't forget the cosplay, of coz!!

This gaigin (foreigner) painted hiself like stone and street-performed, attracting quite a crowd.

Just the two of us

Regardless how big the crowd is around us, we always see each other!!


Don said...

Hee hee. When I was first scrolling through the pictures, I thought Mike was wearing suspenders!

-- Don

carol said...

Haha... now that you mentioned it, it does sorta look like he is... =P

Actually he got that shirt from Hong Kong. It has a famous phrase that Bruce Lee said, "I study little, but don't try to trick me!" on it. The two suspender-looking things are a kind of weapon that Bruce Lee was very good at. (shoot... forgot what it's called... "double stick" かな??!)