Saturday, May 13, 2006

New apartment at Ebisu

Count down... 8 more days before moving into our new apartment in Ebisu!!!

We went to the new apt today to do a bit of checking (for existing damages) and measurements (for buying new furniture). So I got to be a little reporter and photographer today for our new home in Tokyo !!!

Our new apartment is in Ebisu (恵比寿), which is 1 JR station away from Shibuya (渋谷), where most young people hang out. Since Mike is working at Ebisu and I will be working at Roppongi (六本木), which is just 2 stations away, the location is pretty convenient. We both like the Ebisu area a lot. It's kinda like the Sunset in San Francisco or Admiralty in Hong Kong. Very convenient, pretty busy and yet chilled!!

Today was a rainny day, so I didn't feel like taking too many pictures around the apartment outside (may be next week). I did take many pictures of the inside though...

Just a bit of an intro - the apartment is a "mezzanine" type apartment. What that means is that there is actually an intemediate floor and stairs inside the apartment. (cool, huh?) You'll see...


1 - living room at the lower floor

2 - walking upstairs and the mezzanine (upper) floor

3 - upper floor

4 - walking downstairs and back to lower floor

5 - kitchen and bathroom

6. - general view of whole place from the living room


Living room (lower floor). The door to the right is the entry door to the apt. Windows to the left is the balcony.

The entry way next to the door is to the kitchen and bathroom.

Still living room at the lower floor. Mike mesuring the big windows to balcony

Back of the living room. Stylish windows and stairs to the upper floor.

Mike walking up the stairs to upper floor.

Look up the stairs - Upper floor area. Mike is measuring the dimensions of the windows so he can buy big enough blinds to block the sunlight (otherwise he'll wake up in the moring, hehe...)

Upper floor (after coming up from the stairs)

Mike is measuring YET ANOTHER window to make sure that no sunlight can penetrate through in the morning!! hah!!

aiya... Mike heard that I was making fun of him...

Upper floor (covner view). Of coz, you need AC in Tokyo =p

Upper floor sea level view (taken from the stairs)

Featuring : THE STAIRS

I have to confess that I LOVE stairs inside a house a lot!! My family used to have one in the old house in Bay Area; however, we moved out after a few years to another one that doesn't have it. So... I miss the stairs!!!!

View from bottom.


View from top.



One thing you might not notice from the pictures - the place is SPOTTLESSLY CLEAN (I'll almost say shiny)!! It's a bit hard to picture the same kind of cleanness can be found in the States!!.

But of coz, great power comes with great responsibility!! Oh oh oh... that's for the Incredibles, not us, haha... I meant, nice place comes with a high price !! The rent is higher than Mike's old place in San Fran. (And you can imagine how high that is!! sigh...) For me, who did NOT need to pay any rent (yea, my parents are very nice people!!! hehe...) before. This would be a HUGE change. Well... we'll see...

Anyways, the concolusion is that - we are VERY happy about the new apartment and looking forward to move into this place SOON.

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andrei said...

this place is phat! :) have fun assembling all that ikea furniture :)