Friday, May 05, 2006

Moving Part 2: Flight and Lugguage

After the 11-hour JAL flight, we finally arrived Tokyo Narita airport. By the way, if you are thinking which airline to take, here is a hint for you. JAL has pretty yummy food, and flight attendants in general are kinda (and some are cute too) in my opinion ^_^ The biggest plus though, is that they have this crazy juice drink called "yuzu" that's superb awesome, and the nuts snack that they give is better than any other airlines I have flew so far. So, enough hints? ;)

More hints about coming to Tokyo...
If you are carrying a lot of lugguage (like me), you will want to the airport delivery service - you definitely do NOT wanta carry a million bags going through the subway system here - the train here is ALWAYS busy, regardless of what hours, you will always see people on the train (which is a bit different from Hong Kong, where most of the MTR traffic happens during rush hours or holidays). The airport offers a pretty nice delivery service, where people can fill out some forms, stating the destination address for the bags. You can choose what time the lugguage should be delivered. They have same day service and next day service. Price is reasonable as well (about $12 dollars per lugguage). We specified our temporary apartment address and selected the deliver time to be between 12-2 the next day. Guess what, all lugguage arrived EXACTLY at noon the next day. I was really amazed at the correctness in terms of both timing and location. Really can't imagine carrying out all those by ourselves... -_-

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