Sunday, May 07, 2006

Chilling and recovering

We have been under the weather lately (in Hong Kong and also after coming back to Tokyo), so we decided to take it easy this weekend to regain some energy. Activities include: wandering around Yoyogi Park (previous post), eating really delicious curry rice at a restaurant called Little Spoon in Shinjuku, and taking random pic at yummy-looking food and weird sign. Just a pretty... random and chilling day ^o^

Took at the mini carpark near our temporary apartment at Roppongi. Nothing really special, but haven't seen such a sunny day in Tokyo for awhile, so have to get out and take a pic to capture to nice sunshine ^_^ (hey, look at Mike's sunglasses. Now you know his trick of taking all these pictures with him and I together -- yup exactly --> long arm!!!!) ^________^

Roppongi Mori building (where I will be working at) at the back. Our temporary apartment is the building on the right (2nd floor).

We had a pretty small breakfast today. He had a potatoe bun at the bakery nearby, and I had a corn salad at a convenient store (yea, craving very badly for veggie...). So by noon, we were VERY hungry for lunch. So we went to...

My favorite curry place at Tokyo, Little Spoon. Though it is a chain, it has very yummy sweet Japanese curry with vegetable (left) which I ordered and spicy curry with pork cutlet (right) which Mike ordered.
And the unexpected surprise is that we got some free coupons for a few side dishes next time when we come back. JACKPOT!!!

Random food discovery includes:

Panda pastry thinggy with egg custart in Harajuku

Lots of crepe shops at Harajuku. Great little snack for people after shopping.

Itadakimasu!! (Let's eat!!) Well, but judging from the pic, it's more like "I am eating now!!"

Saw a couple of funny signs today too:

(sorta) cute sign warning people drive carefully, not to hit people, particularly OLD people!

Look, it's not giant RED button that says do NOT press!!! let me try, lemme lemme... (notice how here is nothing preventing people from actually pressing the button) Ever wonder why all emergency buttons (esp the red ones) are so "accessible" to public!?

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