Friday, May 19, 2006

A peaceful week

A peaceful week has gone by, and guess what, it's Friday again!! You know what that means? That means that the next two days will be Happy Mike's days to make up for his sleep-deficit for the previous days. (haha... =P )

For me, the lucky one who is still on vacation mode (still waiting for my JP work visa to come out), this past week has been pretty relaxing and yet I accomplished a lot. Took care of a lot of administrative stuff for the new company, read a lot about how finance markets work, went to the gym A LOT (yea, running at least an hour everyday), and also booked hotel for parents prepared for moving into the new apartment next week.

Going to see a very interesting musical tomorrow at 新宿 that one of my friends will participate in. It's gonna be fun!!

The musical is based on a play written by Larry King called "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" .
See, doesn't the poster look interesting or what, huh?!
Really looking forward to see it!!!!!

Other random stuff happened during the week...

Saw a random sword store one day when I was wandering around. Mike and I were searching for one of these so hard last year when we first visited Japan (Mike wanted to buy a sword for his friend, James, as souvenir, but we failed...)

The sword store reminded me of Kenshin (one of my all-time favorite anime.) Gosh... really miss watching anime... Need to find some good ones especially when I am HERE in Japan, where animes originated from!!!

Some nights when I craved sweets....

If you know me, you probably know that I LOVE sweets!!! ^______^ yeah, bad (eating) habit!! Milk tea, cookies, chocolate, candies, mango pudding, sweet tofu, and especially... ice-cream!! Guess what we found here... Cold Stone Creamy !!!

I know i know, they came from the US. There is nothing particularly "Japanese" about it at all, you might say. But I have never been to one in US, and it's ice-cream, so ... who cares.... =p

My selection of the day - Banana Caramel Crunch, it is.

Mike swears that the Cold Stone Ice Creamy here tastes infinitely better than the ones from the States (yea, things are basically not as cool to him here if they are from the States). For me, I dun care...  I LUV ice cream!!!


Yum yum... (sorry, can't control my saliva...)

Normal routine...

Since work culture here in Japan is "a bit" more crazy than in US, especially for the finance industry (12 hr day, easily go from 8am to 8pm), I got complaints about the Japanese workaholic ethics all the time (and guess from who... =p )

Mike said that he is not going to "marry the company" like many Japanese workers here do, so he's not gonna do the "12 hr thing" (and hope that I won't, he said). So he usually comes home around 7:30, and we will then go grab dinner and chill for the night.

One of the normal activity that we both do a lot is to call home talking to our familes using Skype. Like tonight, Mike talked to his dad and I ...

.. took this picture while he was talking to his dad. (yea, and then he accused me of being a "rude Chinese village gal"). He complained to his dad, "I kinda wish that Carol will stop taking random pictures now, since it's a bit HARD to smile WHILE TALKING." (you can see his headphone line in this pic). And my reply to him was - "geez... some engineer doesn't know how to "multi-task"!!!) =p

Weight Loss...

Mike said that I have lost a lot of weight in the last few weeks. Guess it has something to do with going to the gym and running for an hour everyday. Yea, hehe.. I guess my stomach finally decided to stop haunting me and I could run for an hour continuously now!! Feel great to run again and pretty please with the gym so far actually.

Hope that the company gym that I am probably going to sign up for will be as great as this one.

Recent Reading....

I like reading while running on treadmill, and this is the book that I have been reading lately. For anyone who is interested in learning about Finance markets, I'd definitely recommend this book (link to Amazon). In fact, it was my new boss who recommended this book to me at the first place. And he of coz knows his STUFF!!! =p

Got complaints about not posting more "bigger, clearer" pictures of myself here... ok ok ok... geez... here ya go...

Take one - Mike kept saying that I have lost too much weight and need to gain some weight back. hmm... really?

Take two - Guess my normally puffy face has indeed shunk a little, haha... GO Japanese healthy (yet yummy) food. =p

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