Saturday, June 03, 2006

Catch up for the last two weeks...

Crazy, busy weeks for the last two weeks!! Moving to the new apartment in Ebisu (恵比寿). Lots of transporting, cleaning, box breaking and building (for new furniture) works done. On top of all that, my parents and my brother are visiting me this week from the Bay Area in the States!!! Busy, busy, busy!!

Moving is tiring..... seriously.... exhausted..... )-__-( "

Part 1: "Da Mess"

Boxes, suitcases everywhere!!

Part 2: Cleaning

Mike, the Cinderella?!!

Oh... he's cleaning the upper floor... with... paper towel...?!! (Yea, we didn't have a mop yet!!)

And I - hanging the laundry... (yea, I know I know, I was indeed hanging it in the living room, since we didn't have a proper "laundry utility set" and place yet!)

We even made use of the stairs for our laundry area!!

Part 3: Putting together the furniture

First - the sofa. From Ikea.

Second - the chairs. From Laox Computer store for a pretty good price =)

Third - the desks. Left one is Mike's; right smaller one is mine.

Mike's satisfied look after putting together the desks.

Next - the curtain - yea, we actually needed to buy and hang our own curtain. And unforunately, the kind the we got was a bit short (notice the bottom) ..... oh well...

Can't forget upstairs, the mattress, the clothes bins, the curtain, etc.

I assembled all the clothes bins. Got them from Muji. Pretty compact and convenient!!!
Before: the plastic thing that I was holding
After (assembling) : the tall thing at the back on the floor

And I cleaned the whole kitchen!!!

Part 4 - Break for the move-in day

After a whole day of cleaning and furniture-building, we finally took a break and enjoyed our temporary process =)

Mike was falling asleep browsing that night sitting on the chair and desk that we built earlier of the day...

Yawn.... hanging the nth load of laundry.

Mike's dinner - PBS (Peanut Butter Sandwiches). He was so happy when the FedEx shipment came - which had his favorite peanut butter "Peter Pan" from St Louis only !!! ;)

Mike's look is saying, "Why the heck are you taking pictures of me making my sandwhiches?!?!" hehe....

And my dinner is....

Lastly - our tired looks....

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