Sunday, June 25, 2006

Finally started working..... exhausted....

After a 2-month long involuntary vacation, I finally started working last week at the new company. Regardless of Mike's constant warnings of how tiring the Japanese work environment can be, I over-estimated myself. Thinking that I'd hit the gym everyday before I go into the office, I only had energy (and could actually woke up) to go to the gym twice last week, so you know... -___-

Due to the nature of my job, I need to be in the office around 7:30am. The good news is that I have witnessed my teammates going home at around 6:30pm. So hopefully it is only a 11-hr job instead of the normal Japanese 12-16 hr job (cross my fingers, we'll see!!!)

The work itself is actually pretty exciting. I actually sat on the trading floor, with the traders. So I got to wittness firsthand how sales traders work with their clients, how traders watch for stock price, how small fluctuations in a stock can have a huge impact, etc. I have to admit all these are very "new" and exciting to me. I felt like there is just too much to be absorbed and digested!! Let see how well I can do!!!

Most of my first week was mostly reading about docs, wiki and stuff, about what kind of systems are in place, how they talk to each other within the company and to the various exchanges in Japan, HK, Taiwan, Australia, etc. Informative, but... a bit boring... Comparing to the frantic working mode that everyone else is in (especially during trading hours), I really wish that I can get up to speed soon and start to be productive!! =)

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