Sunday, June 04, 2006

Family in town (part 1)

My family flew from the Bay Area in the States to visit me last Thursday. Thus I was busy being a tourist guide showing them around Tokyo these few days.

Part 1 - Ebisu Garden Place
Mike's office is at Ebisu Garden Place, which is, unfortunately, is also a semi-tourist attraction. It used to be a famous beer brewing station and now got turned into a pretty plaza, big Mitsukoshi shopping mall, a beer museum, and a five star hotel. Since it's nearby, I brought my family there as their first stop and got breakfast at a yummy bakery there.

Dad, mom and my brother, Jackie.

The pink ladies?!?!

In the blood - Mike made fun of us how we all like to pose when taking pictures!!! Well... what can I say - it's IN THE BLOOD !!!!

There is a pretty cool-looking "glass ceiling" in front of Ebisu Garden Place. Wondered if Mike ever noticed this even though he passed by this everyday on his way to work?!

The Garden Place used to be a beer brewing station. They still kept the building structure at the time to attract tourists.

The buses at Tokyo look very "cartoony" and cute!! (yup, not kidding you, it's a normal mini bus)

Part 2: Food at Atre Building Chinese people likes food, especially pretty-looking ones (well... of coz, cheaper is better, but... that's a different topic!!) Thus I brought my family to the Ebisu Atre building near the JR station to try (and mostly observe) some of the delicious Japanese snacks there.

Japanese bento boxes (弁当). There are many different kinds. Some you can buy from street vendors during lunch hours, some you can purchase from an indoor mall or food market like in Atre. Price varies depending on what is in the bento. ("Bento" just means lunch box.)

"Tiger roll" - black sugar and green tea favor.

Fruit desserts

Japanese people really like pork cutlet stuff: portlet cutlet (カツ) sandwiches, hamburgers, rice bowls, noodles, etc.

My favorite - caramel syrup ice-cream THICK butter toast, at the Leaves Cafe in Atre 4th floor next to Muji store.

Their chocolate moose cake is awesome as well!!!

Jackie tried the Japanese green tea soy ice-cream.

Jackie usually walked more slowly and stayed behind us - now I know why - take sneaky pictures of people's back.

Part 3: Apartment passed my family examination!!

It's my first time living abroad from my family, it's totally understandable that they want to know what kind of place I am staying at now. They seem to like my new apartment =)

Living room

"Let's test how comfortable the sofa is!!! Hmm.... not bad not bad... " said Jackie.

Next, let's test the desk chair.
"hmm... the chair seems to be a bit small...."
(yea, Jackie, you know what - you have a BIG butt!!!) ^_^

Mom was apparently curious to see my closet~

"Hi ~~~" Jackie took this picture from upstairs. Just be careful not to drop the camera on dad's head!!!

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