Sunday, June 11, 2006

To be or not to be.... Ignorant

Watched a really good documentary last night called "911 Loose Change" (
You can watch the whole documentary on Google video here.

I'd recommend this to everyone who doesn't want to be an ignorant person. I know it may sounda bit harsh, but... The US media has "trained" people in the States so well to remain ignorant. It's infuriating. The sad truth though, is that, unless you really put in an effort to look for the the impartial news, the "truth", you will never find them just from normal media (yea, FOX is poisonous!!).

Watching news that the corrupted government and media feed you is NOT a productive way to learn what is really happening "out there". Have you ever thought about these questions: What really happened in 911? How could both the World Trade Centers collapse like they were deliberately demolished (pls watch the 911 Loose change movie, you will know more...)? Why did the US bomb Iraq? What actually did the war achieve? Who benefited through the war? (I can keep listing all these questions...)

You will never hear discussions about this on normal TV (except The Daily Show, which I highly recommend watching!!) The bottom line is the US government has control over most of the US media, and those giant media corporations of course don't dare to say anything against the government. And for those who did have the guts, they got fired. Yea, you might wonder, isn't that like China?! Well... yes and no. Freedom of speech at the surface level, but in reality, same kind of oppression to the media. One thing that is better than the Chinese government is that (normal "peasant") people in the States are still free to express their opinion in their own private time; however, the media tries all means to keep them ignorant from all the real nasty motivation of the government (esp the one under G. W. Bush). That's why the US achieves "Freedom of Speech" here. Isn't that wonderful?!!

It's funny being a US citizen who was born in and grew up in Hong Kong. I have a strong hatred towards the Chinese government, not from direct personal experience but mostly from my parents' experience, the June 4th (6/4) incident, and rest is just the common knowledge of being a Chinese (knowing how the Chinese government has ALWAYS been a tyrant).

Then immigranting to the US gave me a totally different experience. Though I will never see the United States "my home country", I feel a very close tie and mixed feelings to things that happen in this country. It was in the States that I transitioned from being ignorant to urging to find out the truth. The 911 incident, the Iraq War, the US Presidential election, etc... So much had happened in the last 5 years and opened my eyes.

I hate politics, but as much as I hate it, I think I'll hate myself even more if I am NOT aware of how it affects our country, our society and people life. I think it's our responsibility to be aware of what is happening in the world, in our government, try to formulate your own opinions, and vote to choose someone who you can trust to represent your voice in the government. (I couldn't vote yet in the last US election, but if I could have voted in the last election, Bush would NOT get my vote for sure!!).

Anyways, I am still very far away from being NOT ignorant, but I am trying...

What about you?

(Hint: Start by watching the 911 Loose Change movie)

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