Sunday, June 04, 2006

Family in town (part 2)

Continuing the fun exploring Japan - I took my family to Shibuya 渋谷 and Ginza 銀座 the next day.

On the way....

Dad and Jackie on JR (Japan Railway), going to Shibuya. JR is way nicer than BART in the States, but no comparison to MTR in Hong Kong!!

At Shibuya...

Jackie.... ain't you a Christian???!!! What are you doing in front of a C.... ??!!!! (evil grin) =p

The "infamous" Condomania store at Shibuya!!!

School girls with very short skirts in front of a fish ball Yaki (焼き) at Shibuya.
(Well... since Jackie INSISTED to take pictures of the short skirt... I was FORCED to take this for him.... ) =p

Shibuya is one of those Tokyo places that is crowded regardless of what day it is during the week or what time it is during the day.

Shibuya at night. See... it is equally crowded (if not more) during night time.

At Shiodome...

Went to Shiodome 汐留 (near Ginza 銀座) at night. It has an outdoor plaza with pretty pillars and also one of the tall buildings has a sight-seeing elevator going up to the 46th floor where you can see great Tokyo night view (see videos below).

My family's "gamorous" shot !! Yay ^___^

Went to a Sukiyaki restaurant. It's our first time to try sukiyaki here in Japan!!
Yea, my "serious" look while deciding what to order...

Our first sukiyaki experience in Japan !!!

Also ordered some pretty yummy ramen!!

Extras - Funny scenes in Japan !!

We all saw a very drunk salarymen in black suit. Some security guards came by to make sure that he is okay. Apparently due to the hight pressure of work and long working hours here in Japan, scenes like this are not uncommon (I was told and witnessed firsthand tonight!)

Another consequence of long working hours is that you can see people sleeping on the train frequently. Depending on how "lucky" you are, sometimes you might have a total stranger being so "asleep" that he/she would put her head on your shoulder, like the girl in the picture. Feel so sorry for the guy sitting next to her (yea, they don't know each other!!)

Not only Japanese people fall asleep on the train, apparently, our Mr. Gaijin (外国人) Mike-san also falls asleep on the train too!!! Well... Guess he has an excuse - he has been working a 11-hr days the whole week this week... poor guy.... Luckily he doesn't need to take train to work, otherwise, I don't know how frequent he will miss to get off at the station due to oversleeping on train!! =p

Well... speaking of sleepiness...
This is how Jackie might look when he takes an afternoon nap and just wakes up (well... at least he is not drooling) !!! =p

Good stuff -- Movies

But first:
Warning - My brother tends to believe that he has a pretty voice and thus likes to "voice over" the videos, so in case you are NOT a big fan of his "pretty" voice, you can safely mute your speaker before watching the movies~ =p

Japanese kindergarten kids crossing the street. They are soooooo cute and obedient!!!

Wanna know how Japanese omelete is made??!

Very yummy tart pastry thing we saw at a Food mall in Shibuya. You can buy individual pieces, or... a long whole one!! Amazing!!!

Live music at the street of Shiodome. A bit too loud for me, but Jackie and Mike both liked it a lot. (but the video is a bit too dark...)

Going up using the sight-seeing elevator in a tall building in Shiodome. A bit too dark from the video but really pretty view.

Going down the sight-seeing elevator. Jackie, ain't you tired of voicing over EVERY SINGLE movie?!?!?!

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