Sunday, June 18, 2006

Quick Trip to HK

Went to Hong Kong for 2 days pretty much purely for applying for the work visa. How's the trip? hmm... too short, too rush, too tired...

It's weird. I have traveled a lot, both internationally and domestically when I was still in the States; however, it was actually my first time to get on a plane by myself this time.

Yea, you'll probably say, big deal?! It turned out... exactly, not a big deal - I am a BIG girl !!! ^___^ Let's see my accomplishment: I actually bought and carried a 19" LCD monitor all the way from HK to Tokyo in addition to my normal-sized lugguage (which was way too heavy for its size) and my usual overweight backpack (with laptop and the telephonebook-like finance textbook and other important gear. hehe...) The guy at custom saw all me carrying all these lugguage by myself and gave me a very impressed look!!

Anyways, for those of you at Hong Kong, I know i know... I was being bad this time and didn't really contact or visit anybody. For that - I apologize - This VERY short trip was mostly just for me to take care of my visa and work-related stuff, and the rest of time I spent with my family.

Well... in spite of the very short stay, Hong Kong is still wonderful and cool and noisy and energetic as it ever has been!!! Kinda wish that I can have more holidays to visit Hong Kong again (well... that will have to be after my probation period at the new job then, I guess...) in addition to the vacation days that I plan to spend on visiting family and friends in the States.

The few pictures that I took at Hong Kong:

Got a new hair cut at Hong Kong.

Jackie brought his childhood best friend and classmate to lunch. Surprise that he still remembers me !!!

Quick shot took with mom on MTR (on our way to Mong Kong to crazy shopping, hehe... !!)

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