Saturday, June 03, 2006

Apartment after cleaned up...

After several days of cleaning (mostly me, haha... so proud of myself!!), the apartment finally looks "okay". This is my evidence:

Entry way. I know I know... there are too many pair of shoes... well... ;)

At least they are well-organized =)

Living room - sofa, coffee table, all suitcases hided nicely at the back under the stairs.

Still living room - right to the sofa - desks and chairs

Our "browsing stations"!! =)

Clothes rack and closet

Our tentative laundry solution~


Bedroom upstairs (day view)

Bedroom night view

"backup" laundry solution ;) Efficiently making use of space upstairs.

Did I mention that I wiped and cleaned the floor 3 times with bare hands and cloths? (yea, hard to find a mop here in Japan for some very strange reason, guess I need to look harder!!)

After all days and days of housework, I think I am totally looking forward to resume working and coding again (sigh)... =)

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