Sunday, June 11, 2006

Family in town (part 3)

Dad, mom and brother left town. Felt a bit sad watching them taking the escalator down to the train platform and waving goodbye to them. Mike said it right, "Too much family is sometimes bad, but too little of it is for sure worse." I miss them already...

At Asakusa (浅草)。。。

Mr. Copycat!!

"Like Sis, like bro..."

There are times we are VERY different though. (Or ... should I say most of the times?!)

At Shinjuku (新宿)。。。

Japanese people like huge, movable decoration a lot. For example, this "moving crab" outside of a seafood restaurant in Shinjuku 新宿。

There is the Superman in the United States (yea, the one who wears his undi inside-out), and there is the "bread superman" (麵包超人) in Japan!! Gosh, it soooo reminded me of all the animes I watched together with Jackie in Hong Kong when we were little. We would wake up at 7am on Sunday JUST TO watch animes. (yea, even earlier and more punctual than nomral school days!)

Jackie couldn't resist the arcades in Tokyo This one is drumming. You are supposed to hit the drum in different ways (in the middle, on the side, continuously, disjoint, ... etc)
How he did?? hohoho... I'll let him tell you....

At Tokyo Tower...

Family shots in front of Tokyo Tower

And the infamous "Sweet Couple" shot...

See... copying me again!!!!

At Roppongi (六本木)...

I will be working at the Mori Tower at Roppongi Hills in 2 weeks. Japanese people seem to put a lot of concern about name brands stuff, e.g. what car do you drive? Where do you live (in Tokyo proper or outside in surban area)? Where do you work at?

I guess luckily the Roppongi Mori Tower is one of "THE" name brand that they will "wow" at. (Not that I care or agree to their way of thinking...)

The symbol for Roppongi Hills - a gigantic spider outdoor art display in front of the Mori Building.

Which can look a bit scary at night...

Outside of Roppongi Hills West Walk (which is essentially a large shopping mall housing all the name brand clothes/handbags and trendy, expensive stuff).

Doesn't Jackie look like a GIANT in this pic?

People use a tremendous amount of paper towel in toilets in the US; however, in Japan, they prefer using "hand dryer" (like the one in the pic) instead of wasting tons of paper towels everyday (not that Japanese culture is really saving the world resourses in other aspects). These hand dryer is like "magic" - you put your hands in for 5 seconds, and your hands are all dry!!

(By the way, who took this picture?!!? Ain't u in the toilet, Jackie? And you....?!!!)

Here comes the food....

Back when I was still living in Roppongi, I discovered this tofu restaurant on accident one time. From then on, this tofu house has become one of my favorite veggie restaurants in Tokyo...

Must try - Tofu donburi
The quality of tofu is the best I have ever had (including in HK, the States or elsewhere in the world)

Another must try - tofu spring roll with cheese... yum yum...

Tofu platter - 3 different favors over cold tofu cube

One thing you might notice is that the size of the dishes is .... SMALL!! Yea, "Japanese size" (as Mike always makes fun of) !!! That probably explains (partially) why Japanese people in general are so MUCH skinnier than people in the States !!!

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