Friday, May 04, 2007

Yay, we got an OFFICE !!! (Part 2)

After settling the lease and confirming that we got the place, we continued the process of setting up our brand-new grand office!!

First, came the new chairs....

Me, staring at the spot (roughly) at which my chair/desk will be placed, trying to decide whether my monitor should be facing the North or South side. (haha... don't worry, I don't know any "feng shui", nor do I care...)
And don't mind the purple-pinkish color of that particular chair in the middle... Let's just say that Mike has "special" taste... ;)
The other chairs are of normal colors ^_^

After we got all the chairs, here came the gigantic, modern-looking, pretty wood-colored desks.... in the process of being assembled (by the guy from the shop where we bought the desks. As you can see CLEARLY from the picture, who was NOT working but just sitting and chilling.... ;)

Well... and even (pretended to) play a bit of rock music to "entertain" us. (The poor guy from the shop who needed to ignore our crazy friend here and kept assembling the desks for us...) =p

And finally, "done-done-done-DONE...." (well, bear with my not-so-obvious "musical drum sound"~) =D
Finally, the office was coming into shape.... in a fairly rapid fashion. (which is a very good sign =D )

Just to clarify - I didn't tell them to pose in this picture. What you saw here definitely reflects their "true inner-self".... (^_~)v
Andrei (left) : "Yeah, it frecking ROCKS, MAN!!!" (designed dialog - at a Rave party in the 90's, featuring the madness of Russian... or... just Andrei?! )

Mike (right) : "How can I help you, sir?" (designed dialog - at a mall's customer service dept in Tokyo, featuring the extreme politeness and formality in any malls in Japan...)

After finished all that setup work at the new office, we somehow still managed to work for 6 hours, went to Jap class (well, this was only me), and even watched the entire 2 hour-long classic Cantonese movie 賭神 (God of Gamblers) .... AMAZINGLY busy and yet fulfilling day!!!

Speaking of God of Gamblers, it's truly a classic.... doesn't matter you have seen it 10 times, 20 times, etc., still so AWESOME!!!

(Though this does make you wonder why his so-called Hollywood movies were so shitty....)

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