Monday, May 21, 2007

Mike and his water army

Mike has decided that the water in Hong Kong in general is full of metals that are bad for human health and that water running through (old and rusty, he claimed) pipes in old building is especially "undrinkable", so.... here is his "water army"...

We have been buying bottle water at Wellcome (a supermarket chain in Hong Kong), which is getting more and more unbearable while the temperature is rapidly rising and the storms and rains are becoming more frequent.

So we decided to get A LOT of the water through delivery all at once, so we don't have to carry them one by one ourselves each time.

Here you go, presented to you, Mike's strong, impressive WATER ARMY!!!!!

Projected time of consumption: 1 week --> I am not kidding you!! We DO drink that MUCH water that FAST!!!

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