Thursday, May 24, 2007

Badminton Night and . . . Memory

Andrei complained that he NEEDED some exercises but hates going to the gym, so I suggested to play badminton and volunteered to book the court, buy the rackets, etc. (Yeah, you can tell how much I like playing badminton!!)

Our "Badminton Fighter" Look ^_^

I used to have a really good racket when I was playing for my school team (well... primary school, haha...)

But I think I either threw it away or gave it to other people when my family moved to the US...

I missed my racket.......
We ended up just buying 4 really cheap rackets, just enough to play for the night ;)

And you know what - some stationary stores still sell cheap badminton rackets (exactly like what I remembered when I was young!) - Isn't that crazy??!!! Mike and Andrei didn't believe that I could buy rackets at just some random stationary stores on the street, but I FOUND THEM !!! YAY!!!

I booked a court at the Sports Center on Harbor Road, the same location where I used to play 14 years ago....
Same place, same court, same sports, same moves, same passion .... So nostalgic!!!

I still remember how Ida and I and other people from the school team used to come here to practice every Tuesday after school. Then we would walk home together and sometimes her mom would treat us to yummy buns at a nearby bakery after practice~ =D

Those days, those footsteps, those memory... Never would have imagined that I'd play badminton at the same court 14 years later...

Andrei and his friend Tony played badminton with Mike and I an hour, including a double match (which my team won, hahaha!!!) I used my phone camera to "document" our sweaty looks afterwards. Poor Andrei (or lucky?) had to shower within 10 min and "flew" back over to a karaoke party in Kowloon with a bunch of girls ;)

And someone is happily drinking his delicious strawberry juice after some good exercises ;)

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