Sunday, May 13, 2007

Busy week of work...

Crazy busy work week this week...

It was busy but happy, though, and most importantly, it was very productive, proving that the new office environment is working out very well ;)

Gosh, I am so glad that I have the close startup office environment back!!! The face-to-face interaction, immediate responses, effective technical discussions, and, creative questions, as well as the friendly atmosphere filled with causal chats, jokes, etc... It feels so refreshing to have an AWESOME team again too!!! (Yea sorry, all you sucky finance engineers at investment banks. It's rude but I still have to say it - I don't think I want to debug your shitty code and debate with you the importance of testing/refactoring in software development EVER AGAIN!!!)

Anyways, back to the new office! Now we just need a big white broad for writing down our new ideas, discussion notes, flow diagrams -- then we'll have a nice, "complete" office for ourselves!! ;) YAY!!!

Me at office, all energetic and awake, at the beginning of a work week.

Tired me, after a full week of work, yawning at 3am Friday....

Time for bed.....

Despite the fact that we are working our asses off most of the time and busy as hell, we are incredibly happy about our current work life in Hong Kong. Actually, not only the work life, I like everything in/about Hong Kong!!! ^_______^

Though I am guessing Mike might have a slightly different opinion about the cleanliness of restaurant food in Hong Kong... ;) But other than that, it's GREAT here!!!

To reward ourselves for this week of hard work, we went to see an action musical called Terracotta Warriors (兵馬俑) at the Hong Kong Cultural Center on Friday night.
I think it was so-so.

The martial arts parts were great and entertaining but the group dancing parts were weak. The dancers were not synchronized for the most part. A bit disappointed... (the first musical that I watched in HK のに)

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