Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Papa Blender

You might be wondering.... "What?! Papa Blender????"

haha... it's a recent nickname that we gave Andrei. The origin of the name came from his laptop. For some reason, its hard drive is VERY "talkative" and loud! (And I can tell you it's not a good sign for sure!)

The noise manifested itself even more when we skyped him from HK while he was in the US. It was horrible. Every time when we called him, he would sound like he was talking in a big juice blender!! ;) Therefore, we would know immediately that he got disconnected whenever his loud blender noise disappeared on the other end... ^_^

So we decided that we HAVE TO make him a shirt that says "Papa Blender".

Thanks to Mr. Mike for his find on the retro blender image and artistic design ;)

And here it comes - Andrei's Papa Blender look!!!

(Hee hehe... I think somebody likes the shirt =D
And look~ the shirt matches perfectly with the shorts !!!)

Then to celebrate "Papa Blender" getting a new T-shirt, we went to dim sum at a fancy-pants dim sum restaurant that Mike found out from a food blog. (Just kidding, we just went because we were craving dim sum, which has nothing to do with the t-shirt)

Though the fancy-pants dim sum restaurant was really NOT good and definitely not worth the price that we paid. (Definition of "fancy-pants" - fancy, expensive, sometimes could be good and yummy, but most of the times, not.)

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