Tuesday, May 08, 2007

First day at new office

After we had everything set up properly, the desks, chairs, internet, laptops, monitors, etc, we finally started working at the new office!!! Yay!! ^___^

I can't help but snapping a few quick pictures to capture this memorial moment!!!

My desk~ Yea, just the laptop for now, unwilling to move my LCD monitor from home yet... (I need it to browse and watch video!!!)

Andrei's desk, won the "Most Complete Setup Award"!!!! ^___________^ (No wonder he insisted on getting a HUGE desk, look at how much stuff he has!!)

Mike's desk. Same as me, still the laptop for now. I guess he can easily comb his hair anytime now, with the gigantic mirror right behind him, how convenient!! ;)

"So how should we prioritize the database/backup stuff..." Andrei asked.

"I think we should..." Mike, in the middle of his sentence.

"Hey guys, here!!" Me, the crazy girl who rudely interrupted the very productive technical discussion. ;) haha....

"Sorry guys, don't be mad. I won't do it again!!"

And of coz, they already went back to their technical discussion, ignoring the little rude interrupter.

Well.... I am not always just "playing". Look, I am working very diligently!!! See!!

And then got interrupted by the camera man ;)



Anonymous said...

what kind of business that you guys own?

Caroline said...