Saturday, May 19, 2007

Camera Fun at Office

This is a "catch-up" entry from last week. We have been extremely busy working the entire last week. I didn't have time to blog anything until now (which is already Saturday night).

Despite the busy work pace, we stole some moments to relax from time to time together ;) For example, we had some camera fun this day~

Taking a break from coding, Andrei took out one of his DSLRs from his bag full of heavy duty camera gears...

You are witnessing a girl who simply could not resist the temptation of a DSLR . . .

Obviously, I never owned (or even held) a DSLR in my whole life up until now~ (You can totally tell from my exciting smile!!)

Oh my gosh, I can change the focus manually by turning here here!!~

Let me take some test pictures~ (hehe... don't I look professional?!)

Hmm.... what is this button? Let me press it and see what it will do... (don't worry, Andrei, an expensive DSLR like this won't be broken so easily...) haha~ =D

WoohhH... I have a gigantic "camera face"!!!

(Oh, did I mention that all these cool pictures of me playing with the camera were courtesy of Andrei?!!)

Here he is! The real camera man!!

And here is the fake camera gal !~ ;)

More fun with the camera~

Andrei, self-taking portrait, in front of his desk~

This is an awesome perspective of Mike and his "tower of books" (aka the laptop base).

So.... TALL (the tower of books) and so .... small (the man behind of the tower) Hehe...

A slight angle change created a totally different perspective (this one closer to reality)

So much to learn for taking good pictures!!

Switching to the other side of the room - My desk, getting "busy" (I said "busy" not "messy", right?!!) =D

This is how I look like when I was coding~ (wow.. you can actually see the code on the laptop screen!!)

And this is how I look like when I was clicking with my mouse (hmm... probably browsing something... of coz it's "work-related" !!! You think I am surfing randomly while at work???!!) ;D heh....

Random shot of Andrei and Mike. (Working or pretending to work?!)

"To work or not to work, that's the question!!"

Mike and I, working! (for real this time, ha!!)

Who has the cleanest desk competition
Well... guess who the winner is?

My desk

Andrei's desk

And, Mike's desk!!!!

The conclusion of the day is that -- I think I like a DSLR!!! ;) Only wish they are smaller and thus easier to carry around! >_<

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