Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My own blog editor !!!

Long time didn't blog, because I had been holding off blogging until I could use the rich client blog editor that I built. It is a part of the GRAND photo application that Andrei, Mike and I have been working on, scheduled to be released first quarter next year!!! (i.e. yea,yea, i know i know, please tolerate my geeky engineer talks and advertisement here, haha!!~)

Anywayz, the preliminary function of the blog editor part is finally somewhat completed, meaning I can blog easily with simple "dragging-and-dropping" photos into the editor without any "cut-and-paste picture links" nonsense. (You have NO idea how much that annoying manual step and the "five pictures upload limit at one time" drive me nutz everytime when I blog with a bunch of pictures!!!)

With our app, it saves me loads of time now when blogging!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!~~~~
My LIFE is that much sweeter now!!

Building a product that you want yourself and using it feels freaking AMAZING!! (^_^)v

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