Saturday, September 22, 2007

Happy A. Day!!!

Most people who understand me will know that I am not a very romantic person. How many times I forgot important people's birthday, important dates..etc. Hmm... too many that I couldn't even count all of them~ ;)

Lucky for me, my birthday was somehow a big "hint" for me to memorize Mike's birthday, so... hehe.... got that one for free!!

And since we both hate the overly-commercialized V. Day, refuse to give in to the corporations and buy their over-priced "V. day specials", refuse to celebrate a meaningless day as the society tells us to --

So... the remaining important day (for me to really need to remember) is our A. Day. (And please don't ask me how many times I have forgotten the actual date of this....)

Lucky for Mike, this year I actually remembered ^_^

Since we left Japan Mike refused to eat any Japanese food here in HK. The biggest reason being that he hates Japan so much that he doesn't really wanta eat anything that will remind him of Japan. Second reason, which I can empathize with, is that the Japanese food here (sushi, ramen, soba, doburi, udon, etc) is really no comparison to that in Japan. So it's actually a bit idiotic to pay such high prices for low satisfication (sometimes even big disappointment)! Third reason is Mike's distrust of HK's capability of having fish as clean and fresh as that in Japan.

But today, I got special privilege to have him surrender his normal stubbornness on the "No Japanese food in HK" rule. We went to a supposedly very good Japanese sushi place. Disappointed, quality of the food was actually only mediocre, despite all the recommendations from my friends and from the web. I guess we did get spoiled in Japan with all those easily-reachable yummy Japanese food. Oh well...

Dessert, though (at a different place), was very yummy.

Haha... I am such a geek!!

p.s. Mom, sorry, I stayed up till too late and thus didn't have energy to talk to you this morning (Though, seriously, it's 8:30am on a Saturday morning!!!). I'll call you back sometime soon, ok?


Miguel said...

May the record note that I don't hate Japan -- I hate working in Japan!
I also don't hate Japanese food -- I'm looking forward to good sushi in San Francisco!

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm Shun. I forgot to leave you a msg yesterday..
"Girl, the message on the T-Shirt is soooooooo sweet!!! hehehehhehehehe"

see you on friday!

Caroline said...

aiya... YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Stop peeking and deciphering!!!!!!