Saturday, September 29, 2007

Question from a US friend

Got an email from a US friend. He asked a very interesting question.

"Just wondering, Japanese people tend to not be able to go back after spending time in America (cuz their culture is so rigid). Obviously, HKs not like that at all, but, how is it for you? It must be weird being back...."

And here is my reply...

"Do I have any problems moving back to HK? Hmm.... dun think so.... HK, in a lot of ways, is very similar to the States, very western. On the other hand, I think I might have some difficulties adjusting back to the US lifestyle when we are done living in HK. (yea, sadly, that day will come)

For one, I will definitely miss the convenience to go anywhere w/out driving, to get food, etc., the safety here (I can go out alone at 2, 3am by myself w/out worrying being mugged or captured), the cheapness of everything, clothes, food, and transportation, the niceness of people here in general, always smiling, willing to give a helping hand...

Though we like HK a lot, I don't think we'll settle here though. Main reason being that it feels "small", not diverse enough. Also, Mike is scared to death with all the "made in China" poison food shit and H5N1 (yea, he is dead serious believing that H5N1 will break out in China). I am totally useless under the unbearable 33+ degree Celsius weather here in Summer (stay in most of the time during those 2 hottest months). And, last but not least, we both want to be closer to our family. Flying 15+ hours to the other side of the planet twice a year is a bit too much (time-wise, strength-wise, and money-wise...) =(

In conclusion, we are still searching for the ideal place to settle... Candidates still on the list are: London, Vancouver, NY, and (of coz) Bay Area... "

p.s. "Mr. Sky", I know you won't mind that I "disclosed" some of our email content, right? ;)

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Anonymous said...

I think the best places should be Vancouver, NY.... No need to drive,,, Hee,Hee