Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Parents' Visit - Dimsum with Miss Chow's family

Miss Chow my mom's best friend and also my piano teacher since I was 4. She has watched me grew up and treated me like a daughter. My mom and I are very close to her.

One of the activities that we couldn't miss when my parents were here, of coz, was to go to dimsum with her and her family. It was a nice, sunny Sunday noon. Mike and I insisted to eat at our favorite dimsum restaurant at Whompo. We fell in love with that dimsum restaurant since the first time Miss Chow brought us there when we just arrived HK. Since the dim sum restaurant is usually too far for us to go very often, so it was a very good opportunity to go today, since Miss Chow lives right near there. (haha... strategy, strategy, strategy!!!) ;)

It was very crowded (as expected)!! Miss Chow went early and had been waiting for an hour already. We were like "Oh my gosh..." (Much much thx to Miss Chow)!

We got our table at last. Mom and Miss Chow couldn't stop chatting since we sat down!!

I wish when I am at their age, I can still have good old buddies like them~~

Dim sum was awesome as usual~ (Hell yeah!!!)

Even my dad was satisfied, haha~!!

My favorite was the good plain-old steamed rice noodles. Look, I was pouring yummy soy sauce onto it!! Yum yum...

Somebody loves the food!!~ You can totally sense the full tummy from the cheerful smile!!~

After Mike got full, he started pulling out his new camera and played with it!~ I was his first "victim"...

Hey, you!!

Girls are always so eager to find out how they look in the pictures~

"Wait, but I was not ready yet!"
(Guess who said which~)

Friends Forever!!!!

After dimsum, we went back to Causeway Bay. There was some kind of bronze sculpture display outside of Times Square, attracting lots of people. (Not that Times Square normally is not busy enough!~)

All the sculptures are very interesting. My personal favorite is this piggy little thing...

Because it reminded me of Jackie, my little piggy bro~ !!!!

Jackie, Best of luck for your first important PhD exam !!

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