Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ocean Park

Forgot how many years it had been since I last went to Ocean Park. 15 years? 17 years? I remembered last time I went there, the "Murder Whale" Hoi Wai was still alive...

Here I came again, Ocean Park!

Last week we decided to take a break and went to Ocean Park with Andrei and his friend, Erika. Felt a bit weird taking a day off on a normal weekday in the middle of the week, haha....

Andrei and Erika, yo!!

Mike was not too enthusiastic about going to Ocean Park, regardless how awesome I told him it would be!! (well... When I was little, "going to Ocean Park" used to be one of those gigantic, exciting events that happened only once a few years, so you can imagine what kind of emotion the term triggers in my mind~)
Though I suspected the main reason that Mike was not big about Ocean Park was because he was scared of the seemingly-dreadful (to him) cable car and also being dragged by me to ride on rollar-coasters there~~ Am I right, Mike?! ;)

Panda Fever

Among all the things that you can do Ocean Park, I was most excited to see LoLo and Ying Ying (the panda that China gave Hong Kong for the 10th year turn over anniversary). LoLo and Ying Ying sooooooo cute, even though they just kept eating leaves but doing nothing else for the whole 15 mintues that we were there!!

I think the next Pixar movie should consider using Panda as main characters. They are just CUTE..... naturally~ Plus, everyone luvs Panda ^_____^

haha... especially me, I guess~

And Mike too, obviously ^_^

Hehe... Panda is so cute that apparently even the Ocean Park decided to use it as the main theme to decorate the park!! Panda stuff everywhere you go!~

Cable Car Fun

After the Panda museum, it's SHOW TIME - cable car ride!!! Yay!!

I love the cable cars in Ocean Park, though Mike, on the other hand, was....

Shall we say, "skeptical"?

It was very scenic climbing up Nam Long Mountain in the cable, clear sky, blue ocean, green fields, tall hills, scattered small islands, and even we could even see the hiking trails mostly composed of steep stairsteps climbing up the mountain.
Can't believe my dad hiked up this trail up the mountain alone 20+ years ago!! It's crazy!!

Ocean Theatre

To be honest, I think I was a bit disappointed at the show. It seemed to be more entertaining in my memory. Anyways, the sea lion and dolphin stars were still amazingly trained.

What a crowd!! We watched the 2:30pm show, which was probably the busiest. Got some good seats by entering the theater an hour earlier~

During the hour waiting, Mike went back and forth to the food stalls (that were 5 minutes walk away) to get snacks. Apparently, some people was HUNGRY!!!!

And I was THIRSTY!!

Have you ever seen an Umbrella Sea?!!!!
(yea, the sun was so bright that even though I reapplied sunblock many times, I still got "crispy"!!) >_<

We saw this really cute kid 2 roll in front of ours!!! I couldn't help but forced Mike take a picture of him!!

Oh, and this one too!! (I know I know, I am weird.... I just... like kids!! Don't call the police~ ) =D

Heat Exhaustion

Besides turning "crispy", I also suffered from profusely sweating. Dad, Mom, who among you two gave me the "frantic sweating gene", huh?!?!

Helppppp... the heat is killing me!!!! (Seriously, I really didn't recall the weather being this hot in Hong Kong when I was young!!) />______<\
My "sweaty" look!!! haha~

Of coz, we couldn't miss seeing fish in Ocean Park ;)

Look!! There are lotz of Nemo here!!!!! (p.s. They are called Crowd fish)

We concluded the trip by strolling through various aquariums. I bet Andrei took many good pictures of the fish and the sea animals. (He is the professional with the DSLR!!) Let me steal some pretty pics from him later, hehe~!! ^_^

Final note - we were totally smelly, salty wet when we got home (well... at least our clothes were!!!)

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jon said...

They're Clown fish, not Crowd fish!