Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Fxck, it kept saying my orders are pending cancelled!!"

Yup, that's what Mike had been yelling for 10 whole minutes desperately trying to sell a stock online tonight (US market time). Apparently, the client app that he was using was a bit of a turd (pardon my French!)

Long story made short - Bush said something last week, market is going to sky rock for sure this week, just not sure by how much and when. "Somebody" had been waiting to sell the whole day. BOOM -- the sky rocking part finally happened. The stock price raised like crazy. "Somebody" placed some limit orders. The crappy application didn't response. In order to catch the possibly-disappearing opportunity, somebody desperately tried to switch the limit orders to market orders, and .... you know what happened...

"Fxck, it kept saying my orders are pending canceled!!"'

Well... the app finally reported back that his orders had been processed after something like a 5 minute delay. Somebody was happy (Very happy!!!). End of story.

The whole moral of the story is - he totally reminded me of all those desperate traders I had worked with in Goldman Sachs Japan.

Gosh, I am soooo glad I am no longer in finance IT nor working with/for any traders.


Anonymous said...

Carol will soon do IT support for my trading! =P

FMOC (Fed) meeting was the cause. Interest rate cut. Don't laud Bush. Brokerage was the problem not the app. (TD Ameritade does poorly at high volume.) And I used a lot more expletives than that!


Caroline said...

"Carol will soon do IT support for my trading"