Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tragic construction accident right next to office

A sad construction accident happened this morning around 9:45am right near our office at Causeway Bay, causing 2 construction workers' death and 5 other injured.

The construction crane collapsed unexpectedly and fell onto the 9th floor of the half-demolished building behind it. Several workers were trapper in the crane while the accident happened. Two instant deaths...

It was my first time to witness the aftermath of a tragic accident in such a close distance... Very... shocking and feeling terrible!

Andrei took pictures of the accident scene in the afternoon from the office. The pictures were so good, and the tragedy was so... sad. -__-

The crane collapsed in the middle while it was being lowered.

Closer look of the breakage. Broken very thoroughly.

Rescue process was hard, since the firemen needed to ensure that the crane won't collapse more and cause even more injury.

The site was immediately blocked off and all construction terminated.

More than 100 firemen were involved in the rescue process.
If the crane fell on the opposite direction towards the busy street...
I can't imagine how much more death and injury it would have caused!!

Crowd of news reporters tried to interview the person-in-charge of the rescue mission. Not only news reporters, a lot of passersby took pictures of the crane with their digital camera, cell phones, etc. It was shocking to everybody!!

Not much else to say... Just wish speedy recovery to the injured, and peace to the families of the dead.

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