Thursday, July 05, 2007

US trip recap

After a few weeks of rough fighting with jetlag, I finally came back on a somewhat normal schedule (instead of waking up at the weirdest random time in the middle of the night) and function as a human being again (well... sorta, I still wake up VERY regularly at 7am every morning for no apparent reason regardless of how late I sleep the previous night).

Anyways, I decided it's finally time to upload all the pictures from the US visit and give a short recap of this trip ...

First Stop - LA
First, landing in LA. Gosh, I missed the nice, comfortable California weather. Sunny, warm, dry (unlike the unbearable humidity in Hong Kong).

The big, open-space, US-style parking lot. A strong contrast with the small, cramped Asian-style parking lot in Tokyo and Hong Kong.

We went to a street festival in LA (forgot what it was for). It was very lively. People were just hanging out, eating, enjoying the nice weather and cheerful atmosphere. I really miss walking outside without sweating like a person just came out from a shower (of sweat!!!).

"Look!, it's the Candy-man!!".

Our generous hosts, Brett and Katie
Brett was so nice that he cooked a really yummy steak omelet breakfast for us. We stayed at his place when we were in LA. Mike and Brett were good buddies in high school. Brett and his girl friend, Katie, have been living in LA for many year now. Mike and I visited them in LA from time to time.
Brett 's living room, with the gigantic TV box!! ;) They got a really nice entertainment center there~ We watched "The Forty-Year Old Virgin" together (even though I felt asleep not long after the movie started... It's NOT me, it's the stupid JETLAG, I swear!!!!)

Brett and Katie just moved into their current place for a few months. I really like their new place. The whole house is very bright and clean. We used their dining table as work desk (to set up our laptops and crap).

See, my temporary "work-station". ^_________^

With me, pretending to work ;)

The long corridor leads to Brett and Katy's room, where their scared, mysterious kitten stayed most of the time when Mike and I intruded their house. (The kitten hided from us because she was really scared of strangers. I didn't get to see her until the very last night of our stay). Poor kitten. Hope we didn't scare you too much!!!

There is a wide, soft green sofa in Brett and Katie's cozy living room.

So cozy that Mike couldn't help but borrowed the sofa as his afternoon nap bed ;) hehe...

And here comes our cordial hosts ;)
Kicking lazy Mike out from his monopolizing the sofa~

A giant red-pink robot?!! Haha... actually, the two pillows on top might have given it out~
It's a air mattress that Brett and Katy prepared for us. We settled the air mattress in Brett's art room. (He is a comic artist.) What we did was we pumped air into the mattress thing, slept on it at night and put it up vertically against the wall during the day (like what you see in the picture), and then put it back down when it's bedtime.

"Advanced technique", huh?! ;)

LA Zoo Day Trip

Brett and Katie brought us to the infamous LA Zoo. I couldn't remember when was the last time I was actually in a zoo. Probably back in primary school in HK? I don't particularly like zoo, because looking at caged animals from outside the case feels cruel to me. But not long ago, Mike's sister, Julie, convinced me that the animals are actually getting better care when they are in a zoo. So that eased a bit of my uneasiness.
And honestly, I don't think I can get such a close look at some of the animals below unless I go to a zoo. So I am glad that I went ;)

Even though there was a glass in between, I still feel scared every time when Mr. King Kong moved or turned. (To be fair though - he is indeed GIGANTIC!!!)

The goats were fighting with their hard horns on the cliff. It attracted a lot of people watching.
So we stopped and watched as well...

And 20 minutes later....
Well, my neck started hurting, but they were still holding the same positions more or less.... Excuse me, is this a setup of some sort?!?!

The closest I had ever gotten to be near a giraffe!

And the lazy lizards!! Taking their afternoon nap (like Mike....)

We witnessed some fierce Zebra fight in person. They were eagerly biting each other's back. Any Zebra experts out there who can tell me if this is normal zebra's behavior? (But of coz, they were okay at the end)

From LA to St Louis

We were mostly just relaxing and lying around in St Louis. We were so relaxed (and lazy) that we didn't even take too many pictures ;)

Mike's dad took us to the St Louis Art Museum to have a luxurious brunch one day. Really nice view there!
Overall the US trip was a nice vacation to visit Mike's friends and his family, a good break from the tons of busy work at HK. We needed it !!! ^_^ (Though I didn't really need the jetlag that came with it afterwards... P_P )

We didn't go to St Fran, so I didn't get to see my parents this trip. I miss them!! Really can't wait to see them flying here next week!!! We'll go eat lotz of lotz of DIMSUM!!! yay!!!

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