Monday, April 02, 2007


Got an ecard from an old friend~

Waiting for the right one

Of coz I remember "her"!! (^_~)/

Hope you find your right her soon !!!

N and n ... remember....

Don't worry,
be happy !!!


Called up an old friend from Secondary school a couple days ago. I was so "out-dated" that I couldn't even tell the Mandarin pop song was actually her ring tone and hanged up on her~ haha.... stupid me~
(sorry la... XD --> As everybody knows, I am "old soil" ma~~~ heh...)


pak said...

XDDD...u r reli time if i changed to a different song..dun panic....dun hang up! wahahhahaa

caroline said...

haha... sowy law~ Will not panic and hang up next time gar la~ haha... u must have felt pretty weird - someone kept calling u but hanging up after a few seconds, hehe...

wei wei, lei dim ah~ when can I c u sin? they r having dinner for ah Gi, APoon and MDuck's bday, come out la...? (^_~)/