Friday, March 30, 2007

BBQ with old friends

A small recount of my pre-birthday BBQ celebration with a bunch of old buddies from St Francis College (equivalent to US junior high to 12th grade + 1st year in university).

The last time I saw them was at least 7 years ago... Time really, flies~ (But we are all still pretty and young, i.e., pretty young, heh...). Some of them are even from St James Primary School (equivalent to US first grade to 6th grade). We really do go all the way back... (^_~)v

Had lots of fun!! And gosh I miss BBQ HK style. See the contrast -

US Style - just put meat in the thing and wait for it to cook for you

HK Style - manual work from sticking the food to the fork, to sitting next to the burning hot fire, waiting for the meat to be slowly grilled

The last time I did the HK style must be at least 10, 11 years ago~ ^_^ At that time we had to bring our own food, drinks, BBQ fork, tissue, paper, and even coal. But 10 years later (i.e. nowadays) the outdated me witnessed the society improvement firsthand - you don't need to prepare anything yourself except bring along your tummy ;) hehe... Jackpot!!!

(I know i know... The picture resolution in the blog is pretty low. If you want to view the full res version, please go to my Flickr photo album.)

Food is all prepared for you. "All you can eat" buffet style. Choose your own favorites.

We ate so much that night..... And the fire is ........... HOT !!!

"Oh no, will Leung Man-kit not recognize me?"

haha... Jackie, what do you think - do you recognize who this is?

Old buddies \(^_~)/~

Everybody ChEeRrRrRrzzz~

After BbQ

We went to a famous desert house around the BBQ site afterwards. It turned out to be a small "surprised" birthday celebration with a little birthday mango pudding, haha!

Ordering... (without knowing what is going on)

"What? A birthday cake? I mean, a birthday mango pudding??" (^_~)v

haha... My first birthday celebration with so many "pretty gals" since ..... a loooooong time ago.... ;) Yay !!!

Birthday wish is .... (secret, of coz !!! Geez... r u seriously thinking that I'll tell u!!!?!)

Thanks everybody~ ^__________________^

And thx to the courtesy of Gigi for sending me all these pictures ;)


Hils'on said...


Hils'on said... is ya birthday...see i still remember~~hoho

Carol said...

係,對我嚟講,日本 -- 從此以後最多都只可以係旅行的(好?)地方.
但係up until now,諗起日本,暫時我都只覺得佢係一個文化好K,人與人之間好有距離,同埋勁workaholic的地方law...
(So sad... especially considering how much I used to like Japan, its language and its culture... 勁disappointed law! Tell your brother, stop dreaming about Japan la~ 夢想同事實,係真係可以好遙遠gar!)

Hills'on said...