Tuesday, April 24, 2007

YO!!!! HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!!

We celebrated Ah Gi and APoon's birthday at Yo Park at Kwan Fong Sunday night. Another noisy girl's fun gathering.. hehe.... ;)

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We went to the newly-opened "Yo Park". It's kinda a "entertainment center" for young people. Good for group gathering.

The birthday couple: APoon and Ah Gi !!!!

The 2-pound mango cake is yummy!~ Fortunately we had enough people to "consume" this gigantic cake...

Knowing Ah Gi for more than 16 years, it's really moving and touching to celebrate her birthday with her again...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, old buddy!!!! Wish you can be a happy girl all the time!!!

Really happy to be able to gather again with all the SFCC gals after being away in a totally different country for 10 years....

Hope our friendship can keep many many 10 years!!!!

"Wong Fei Hung" V.S. Birthday Cake ?!?!?! ;)

Some ppl can't wait to put on her birthday presents!!!

Ah Gi's new "I.T. Look" !!!


We also played this thing (forgot the exact name of the game) - where everybody takes turn to pull out one thing from the bottom of the tower and put the same thing on top to make the tower higher. Whoever makes the tower collapse loses!!

And guess who lost at the end ?!?!
Our beloved Miss Angela~!!!! (though she had put in so much attention in deciding which one to pull out)

Doesn't this picture look like a professionally photographed CD cover picture?! haha....

We also played UNO over at the other table....

Right to left: MDuck (Winner), Carol Tse (Occasional winner), ME (Loser)

>_<..... Had been so long since I played UNO last time.... I forgot about all the rules....... -_-...

The infamous "girls golden triangle"?!?!

Glamorous shot of Carol Tse -- and her newly straight-permed hair that day =D (yea, actually, the new straight-perm was the "main focus" of this picture....) haha.... ^_~v

Everybody, cheeezezzzz.......

Yo Park is decorated with colorful themes, pretty artistic. (Though I am by no means an artist~ Don't trust my opinion....)

Drinks and snacks are included in the basic admission price. Pretty affordable if you have a big group.

Tons of local and foreign magazines.

Hehe... and of coz, can't miss the video games...

And lastly, the karaoke video that shows how crazy we really can be!!! (I meant, how crazy we really ARE!!!) Just a warning - this video is not for everybody. If you have any heart condition or can't stand noisy, crazy Cantonese girls... please skip the video below (though you'll be missing out, haha...) By the way, please make sure the volume of your speaker is turned down before watching this video.... ;)

Oh oh oh... just a small clarification - The three Carol*s are not part of this madness --
1. Carol Choi moved to the far left end side of the sofa when they began to say the song (to show that she really was not part of this!).
2. Carol Tse, not as luckily as Carol Choi, was too slow to "escape" the mad crowd and was forced to participate in this video
3. And Carol(ine), i.e., ME ^_^ was safely sitting behind ah Gi, "appreciating" this "amazing" singing scene with a painful tummy (from laughing too hard and too much)!!! ^_____________^

And of coz, thx Helen Li for her ultimate performance - the maddest "white flower oil" dancing queen !!

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