Thursday, April 05, 2007

HK International Film Festival (part 2) - World Animation For All

Went to see an animation movie from the HK International Movie Festival today. It was a lot crowded then normal. Long line already formed way before the movie; may be because it's the first day of the long weekend holiday =D There were many kids as well, probably because the movie was World Animation For All.

About the Movie....

Had always been a big fan of animation short, thus of coz won't miss this one - particularly I thought that this one has one of the animation short that I saw from the SF Movie Festival 2 years ago, called Guard Dog by Bill Plympton, which was hilarious.

However, it was EVEN better. It turned out that Bill had worked hard last year and produced a new one which is a sequel to Guard Dog, called the Guide Dog. It was 10x funnier and crazier!! (^_~)v I couldn't find the full version of the animation but only two short clips.

Well... better than nothing. Watching the short clips again still made me laugh so hard - trust me, it's definitely worth seeing if you get a chance regardless of whether you like animation or not~ ;)

Other (pleasant) Surprises
Usually in an animation bundle movie like this, there are only one or a couple that are good, like the Guard Dog one was one of the two that I could still remember from the SF festival 2 years ago. Surprisingly, all the ones that they showed in this movie this time were AWESOME!!!

One Rat Short - I laughed so hard already after they showed the name of this CG (when in the world will people ever said "Oh, one rat SHORT!!?". I really hate rats, but the little New York rat in this flim is really adorable, and his weird obsession about the empty the cheese chips wrapper makes you feel that he's that much more cute (or stupid). =P

(again, just a teaser, couldn't find the full version)

Conte de Quartier - A French animation, in Impressionist art style, ties 7 unrelated characters around a construction site together through a semi-torn doll that has an "inner" secret.

Printed Rainbow - An Indian animation about the last few peaceful days of a lonely old lady; beautiful and a bit sad. It reminded me of ... how much I miss my lovely grandma...

The Little Match Girl - A Disney production, actually the one that I like the least, probably because it is the most "normal" and conventional. Beautifully done and very true to the original though.

Okokay, I've probably bored most of you who don't really care about animation movies ;)
But, hehe... I like them!!! (as you can tell from the length of this entry). This is how happy I was after watching good animation!!! ^_________________^

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