Sunday, April 08, 2007

Oh I am soreee....

Went to play badminton with Stephen, Winnie, Cary and Winnie's friend yesterday at Shek Kin Mei. Haven't played badminton for AGES.... Last time I played was probably in my freshman year in University; last time I "seriously" played was.... probably when I was in primary school in the so-called "school team"!! ^_^

Despite the fact that I haven't played in ages, I am still - AWESOME !!! haha... (^_~)v At least I'd like to think of it that way!!~

We played for 2 hours. Shouldn't have taken some photo, but was too concentrated playing so forgot to. It was tons of fun, except --> MY LEGS WAS SOOOOOOooOoo SORE TODAY!!! >_<... Mike made fun of me and said it was the "natural" side-effect of getting OLD!!! But but but... >__P I can't believe it !!! 信じられない!! 嘘でしょう! Q_Q

Anyways, the one-sentence summary was that I had been suffering from severe upper thigh soreness the whole day today, especially when we went to Central Mid Levels to get breakfast at Flying Pan this morning~

Though the soreness was killing me, it was worth the pain to go up/down the stairs to go to Flying Pan!! Stephen introduced this place to us yesterday, saying that this is probably DA best in town for western (esp US-style) breakfast!! And it turned out - he IS right!!!!! ^_____________^

Mike ordered a Spanish style Omelet that he always ordered at his favorite breakfast restaurant from San Francisco.
I ordered my long-missed Belgium Waffle... yum yum... ^_^

Oh oh oh... and their orange juice is soooo FRESH!!!! Must try~

How yummy was it? If you look at how quickly Mike inhaled his omelete, then you'll know ;)


Natsuko said...

Carol-chan, you have to accept that you're getting OLD AND OLD AND OLD...!!
開玩笑、だいじょうぶ、没問題、you're still pretty young, 'cause you're sore the next day, not the day after the next day:D

Mike, it seems so look so happy...

jon said...

Good to see you're blog has been resurrected - I assume that it lay dormant due to having no time for anything in Tokyo? I'm really glad you've found somewhere now that you really like :-) I plan to visit at some point!

Carol said...

でも、又の日だけじゃない。昨日まだちょっと痛かったね! 天ah... >_<...

Mike は何でも食べるがうれしいね!除いて - えび!! とでも変な人だね! (hehe... Let's talk behind his back like this, haha...)

carol said...

Hehe... yup yup, come visit us soon!!! I think you'll like it here!! Not to mention that the beer in HK is cheaper then in London (I believe) haha.. (^_~)v How's Winter in London?

btw, I noticed that you gave up on ur blog for quite a long time... too busy drinking beer?!~ =P