Thursday, April 12, 2007

Macau Trip

Since we had been working hard during the whole Easter holiday, it's finally time for us to take a short break (after Easter ended and everyone went back to work, hehe...) --> Macau!!

Many people were surprised that I hadn't been to Macau before, especially while more then half of the friends I met in University were from Macau.

Not only Macau is new to me, I am also a newbie to Casino.

Been to Las Vegas once or twice, but never really set foot in Casinos there, mostly just passing by...

Never been a big fan of gambling, probably got a bit brain washed by all those gambling movies about how gamblers are reckless and easily lose all their money and family... I know that's a bad stereotype, but... just can't help it - I don't like gambling.

Mike disagreed and claimed that gambling can be fun and "healthy". I was like.... "hmm......"

But of coz, going to Macau (the first time) and not spend any time at their Casinos will just be kinda stupid and unfair, especially after I found out that in 2006, the total revenue from Macau casinos was actually greater than that of Vegas!!! (not kidding you... )

As it turned out, gambling can be non-reckless and healthy. Set a goal, either lose enough and leave, or win enough and leave the table. I know i know, it's easier to say than to do. That's why I didn't actually gamble ;) But I was very impressed that Mike could do it!! He played a few Blackjack at a table. Once he hit the goal to win, he left, without any hesitation, even though he was winning, he didn't stay but just carried the extra cash away...

Look!! It's a big happy Mike, who won $$$ at Blackjack and KEPT the money instead of losing it back to the Casino~

You are probably not supposed to take a picture at the inside of a Casino - But I just... couldn't help it!! Quite an impressive view~

All hotels and casinos (especially) are decorated SPLENDIDLY to attract customers and gamblers.

The Star-World hotel/Casino. I like its irregular shape.

Macau is a city of weird mixed atmosphere. One one hand you have all these fantastic looking casinos, so pretty, so materialistic...

On the other side of the city, you have all the constructions going on. Either to repair some of the very old buildings so they can still have inhabitants, or to build the latest, biggest, prettiest Casino - so dirty, so ugly...

What a strong but realistic contrast!!!

We also did quite a lot of sight-seeing, considering the limited amount of time we stayed in Macau.

St. Paul's Cathedral

The trademark of Macau.

There is a fort above the Cathedral

Largo do Senado (Senate Square)

A European style town square; lots of tourist gathered here all the time.

Night view of the plaza, even prettier


No no no, it's outside the Landmark hotel lobby. Doesn't it look neat?

We saw this kid who was posing for his parents to take picture. He was so cute that Mike also snapped one... haha...

We got a cash coupon from the hotel and got a free, VERY yummy Shanghai lunch. Not only first time to go to a Casino, also first time to try the Shanghai crispy rice stew (the soup in the middle and the crispy rice bar to the right).


Dry pork/beef jerky everywhere in Macau.... Mike said they look disgusting, but.... they are so yummy.....

Interesting Shots

Lonely, the garbage bin.

Hey someone is taking the picture of us?!?!?

Animal toilet?!?!

An old picture? Or an OLD couple?!?!

Modern and Classic mixture.

Old style, classic-looking European plaza V.S. MacDonald, Starbucks, Mirabell....

Mike, you wanta share what you were starring and appreciating at at that particular moment, huh?~~~ (^_~)v

Hand (made) picture frame!

What?! Can't drink while taking a picutre??!?! But... I AM thirsty!!!

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