Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Post bday dinner with primary school buddies

I had a post-bday dinner with two of my best buddies from primary school: Carol Tse and ah Gi.


We ate tons of sushi and sashimi. Yum yum...


Carol Tse and me~


Ah Gi and me~


Silly "Pig Nose Buddies"?!!! (^_~)v

Yea, that's us!!!!

After Dinner

We were the last table to leave the restaurant, but apparently, we still had room for dessert !! haha...


Waiting outside at Lucky Dessert, where there is a always an ever-lasting long line.....


And guess what, someone ELSE was also interested in having dessert!!!! (^_~)v

Answer: "THE white guy"!!!! ~hohohoho~

What happened was - Mike originally planned to stay at home because he was still a bit sick, but then he changed his mind - he said he didn't want to miss the chance to see Crazy Gigi!! ^_^


It was Carol Tse's first time to see Mike, and it was soooo funny how she was so eager to tape Mike's Cantonese talking the whole time...

She was especially impressed when Mike said this (all in Cantonese, of course) -

"She didn't want to spend money... No heater.... I was very cold..... I got sick....."

Yea yea yea, for those who didn't know - I was that stingy girl friend who freezed her bf !!! ;p


They laughed so much talking to Mike in Cantonese the whole time!! ;)

I guess that means that somebody's Cantonese must have improved, huh?!!! ^______^


Anonymous said...

好正, 好搞笑, 好鐘意....haohoahoahoha


tse said...

佢唔想買heater, 我好凍, 我病咗!!
mike is really funny, 勁攪笑!