Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Mike's Mapo Tofu

As everybody knows (well... everybody who knows me will know), Mike has talent cooking and I have talent eating. (well... plus that I cook slow and don't cook as well as he does). And and and... I am LUCKY!!! hahaha~

So... I get to cross my arms and legs every night to wait for hot, fresh, home-cooked meals cooked by my "Little Chef"!! hehehe~ =D

And he cooked something really yummy last night ^_^ Well... His cooking is usually yummy, but last night was extraordinary!!! (hahaha, yea, have to give compliments from time to time to keep the little chef happy and "keep him in the kitchen"!!! ) =p

Anyways, let me introduce to you - Mike's newest recipe -

Very Authentic Sichuan-Style Mapo Tofu


It was DELICIOUS!!!! Spicy and savory and just a hint of sweetness all mixed together!!!


I couldn't stop myself and ate 3 full bowls of rice!! ^_^


I tried cooking this before and it usually ended up being.... Mapo Tofu PASTE instead of these beautifully shaped tofu cube!!

HOW DID HE DO IT?!?!!!!!!!!!!!! >.< What is the SECRET?!!!

(My curiosity did suffer a bit, but my tummy was totally satisfied!!! I'd say it's a very GREAT deal overall !!!! hahaha~)

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