Saturday, April 19, 2008

All Girls Night Talk

Today was Ah Gi's actual birthday date, so six of us buddies came out together, not to celebrate her birthday (since the official bday celebration dinner was last weekend, which I missed due to my heavy food poisoning), but just to have fun. With that said though, the phrase "Happy Birthday" was said multiple times!!! =)

We went to a bar near Sogo in Causeway Bay. Honestly, it was only my second time in a bar in Hong Kong. (Yea, OBVIOUSLY, not the drinking-type of person...) But since it was for ah Gi, I'll make it no matter what!!! (I even brought Mike out, so he could say "Happy Birthday" in 100% accurate Cantonese to Ah Gi.... hahaha... though he left fairly early due to the extreme noisiness in the bar, which I couldn't blame him for...)

Honestly though, drinking with just a group of all-girl friends was a fresh experience for me. I went drinking a number of times when I was in Berkeley, but usually with a bunch of both guy and girl friends. Having such a crazy "all-girls" night out drinking event was really my FIRST time.

And yea, I can assure you, it's absolutely eye-opening and crazier than what you can imagine! We played many fun dice games first (when Mike was still there), accompanying with alcohol as punishment, of course!! =p

But the best was still yet-to-come after Mike left - the ultimate "Truth-And-Only-Truth" game (a mutated version of the traditional "Truth-Or-Dare" game, where we could only choose "truth" but no "dare"). Many truths were told; many unimaginable questions were asked. (And of coz, all talks started and ended there at the same place!!!)

Since I've moved to the States, most of my close friends there were almost all guys. I had a few good girl friends back in high school, but then after we graduated and entered university we became distant because of our own busy schedules. And during university years, my time was spent EXCLUSIVELY in the campus computer labs, packed with stinky, no-shower-for-3-days geeky guys all the time. I only had one relatively-closer girl friend during those years. So tonight's "all-girls" talk and drinking experience was totally new, fresh and even a bit shocking and touching to me. Shocked by everyone's frankness and touched by the bond of friendship... which made me realize how much I have missed out since I've left Hong Kong...

Anyways, I am so glad that I've come back and see you all!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!

p.s. Among the 6 of us, we managed to kill off a whole bottle of high grade Scotch!! =D And somebody was highly suspicious of being drunk (though of course, she denied....) (^_~)/

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Anonymous said...

caroline, i can tell you that I forgot most of the topics we talked that night! They told me that is exclusive and it only tell by once! SHIT!

u girls...pls tell me back all answers....

ps. Thx mike coming to the extremely noisy bar! THX!