Saturday, March 29, 2008

(Pre) Birthday Dinner with relatives

We had dinner with Stephen's family, my favorite (and only) relatives in Hong Kong on the day before my birthday. Stephen is two days older than I am. So we chose to celebrate our dinner together on the day in between our birthdays!! (I am sure it's Stephen's idea~ ^o^ )


We went to Peking Garden Restaurant in Central. They specialized in Peking Duck dishes. We ordered 3 duck dishes: Peking duck with buns, stir-fry duck meat in lettuce wrap and a yummy, luxurious duck soup. Besides the duck, we also had a so-so veggie dish, two orders of steamed "small dragon dumplings" (because it's Mike's favorite), and a banana-red bean pastry dessert (yea, dessert!! dessert!!!)

All the duck dishes were excellent. Even Mike, the (pretending) vegetarian ate lots of yummy duck that night~ =) I think that must have been the most meat I've seen him eaten besides burger!! ^_^ (Right, Mike?)


Stephen, Winnie (the happy couple) and me. =)

Winnie just came back from Mexico that morning. Poor Winnie - she must be very tired that night. She told us lots of exciting things she saw in Mexico though. The funniest thing was how she liked the Taco Bell's Mexican food more than the authentic Mexican food she tried in Mexico. hahaha.... Mike couldn't stop laughing....


It's always fun to see my favorite cousins' family!!!

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