Saturday, March 22, 2008

Picture books for adult - Jimmy Liao's Gallery

When you hear about the word "picture books", what does it make you think of? Many people might immediately think of children stories, kid books, and the like. However, if you have seen Jimmy Liao's (幾米) books, I'm sure you will have another level of appreciation of picture books.

(Well... either that or if you have watched the Japanese anime "Monster", which will also make you interpret "picture books" at a different level... but not quite in the same way.... more like on the crappy side.... )


Jimmy Liao (幾米)


For those who don't know who Jimmy Liao is - he was from Taiwan and is probably one of the most famous Asian contemporary adult picture book artists who creates illustrated books with simple stories about people coping in the modern urban world. His books have become hot sellers in Taipei, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai and Singapore.

His gallery "Never Ending Story" is being hosted at Times Square this month. As "curious" as I am (and also having the geographical advantage of living so close-by), of course I'll go check out the gallery immediately after I found out about it! =)


The gallery itself is being hosted at the 2nd floor open plaza area in Times Square.


I dragged Mike together with me to go. ;)


Cameras are not allowed in the actual gallery; however, we cheated - Mike took pictures of gallery from the floor above (upon my request, hehe...)

Though I am not super fan of Jimmy Liao, I generally like his stories and illustration.


His stories are simplistic but powerful and also leave a pleasant aftertaste.


To me, reading his stories and seeing his art is like drinking a cup of good hot tea, light and flavorful.

Statues of Characters

In addition to the picture gallery inside Times Square, there are also a bunch of stone statues of Jimmy's characters on display in the outdoor area.


Unlike the picture gallery, photography is very welcome for this part.


Lots of people are taking pictures of the various statues.


I of course will take full advantage of that !! \^o^/


The little boy holding the snake looks so sad.... I just want to tell him it's going to be alright....


Big hug from me too!!!


Apparently, in Jimmy Liao's world, people and animals are one big family, and he's also a strong advocate of loving hugs!!


I want a "hat" like this!! =p


This "hat" is not bad either!!! haha~


Me, communicating with the little piggy. (well... may be not THAT little....)


Aiya... got "found out" about my "special ability"!! haha~


Mike was playing with the camera focus and depth of field - this one turned out pretty nicely!! I like it!! ^_^


I got a lot of "camera time" today!! =D ~hohoho~


christiane said...

hey! would you happen to know where i could buy jimmy liao stuff in hong kong? thanks! :)

Pebbles said...

Well said.