Thursday, October 18, 2007

Small Dinner gathering with SFCC girls

After working my axx off (and also at the same time being moldy) for a few months, I decided to break out from my "shell" and keep in touch with the real world again =D

Thanks to Facebook, I got contact with Gloria, who I wanted to see in the SFCC annual dinner back in April but didn't~ (Gloria, you know what to do next year now, right? ^o^ ) There were a couple others that I had met but didn't really get a chance to talk much since I got back to HK. So again, thanking the convenience of Facebook, I "organized" a dinner gathering with a few of my lovely gals ;)

It sucked that Winnie couldn't make it to dinner, but I believe she should be enjoying a great vacation herself now while we were busy "consuming" our pizza and pasta =) May be next time~!

And I thought of Lam Yu all of a sudden this morning, so I just kinda forced my invitation of tonight's dinner onto her out of the blue. Luckily, she was able to "comply" to my "impulsive invitation" and made it to the dinner tonight. (Thanks much, Lam Yu!! I am very glad you came!!!)

We had a blast!! =D After not seeing each other for almost 9+ years, we still seemed to have an infinite number of topics to talk about. Busy catching up with what each other is up to, how other SFCC girls are doing, etc. And of coz, couldn't miss the gossips and insider jokes within our SFCC circle (the infamous "gold colored small round dot earing", haha) ^o^ We were talking and laughing so much that most of our food got cold before we started laying hands on them.

In general, I like big group gathering with friends, but I also very much appreciate and enjoy smaller gathering like this. It's during small gathering that you can really "talk" to people. In big group gathering, there were so much "he he ha ha" and, in our case (I meant, in the case of an all-girl school big gathering), random stuff being tossed and flew around (apparently, for no apparent reason) ^o^ So the conclusion is that - In big group gathering, there is barely enough time for laughing and chi-chatting, but really not enough time for talking to one another (I mean TALK TALK).

And the bonus of tonight was to find out that Gloria is engaged and going to get married next March!! ^_^ I was ecstatic!! Wow... first close friend of mine from SFCC to get married (and one that I can actually go to the wedding)!!!! ^_^

Gloria, (once again) HUGE HUGE CONGRAT!!! (^_~)v I still remember the little girl with those two big pig tails swinging left and right in F1, F2...., haha, old times, old memory, old buddies!! I wish you the best of the best, my lovely old buddy!!! ^__________________________^

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